You deserve the best for your special day. Combining elements of fashion photography, portraiture and reportage, wedding photographer David Lazarus of DLPHOTO Studio takes utmost…

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DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus holds an impressive track record in providing leading brands and agencies with commercial studio and location photography for…

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Catering to both business and commercial or home and personal clients, with a range of packages at competitive prices, The Portrait Company delivers premium modern portraiture for…

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With international experience showcasing luxury homes, hotels, restaurants, and industrial and commercial spaces, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus ensures a high level of…

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Family gatherings, corporate events and brand activations, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus is adept at capturing an experience to match your vision.

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With international experience in fashion and advertising for leading brands, David Lazarus is an ideal guide for aspiring models. -

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A Boudoir Photographer provides a chance for a woman to appreciate how beautiful she really is, to celebrate her femininity and the uniqueness of each female form.

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Cape Town Photography Tours

DLPHOTO Photography Tours in Cape Town allow you the opportunity to combine an unforgettable holiday with a fantastic creative learning experience.

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Post Production & Editing

Photography workshop on the post-production process. - -

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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography workshop on lighting and flash techniques in a full studio setup.

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