The Importance of Photography for Your Business

Corporate photography has become one of the crucial elements of the marketing strategy of any business, in both communicating within a company and with potential customers.

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Make The Right Impression With Your Social Profile Pic

First impressions count, so be sure that your picture conveys the perfect impression with professional social media portraits from David Lazarus.

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5 Tips To Better Landscape Photography

Despite Instagram's best efforts, a sunset never gets old, and landscape photography remains one of the most popular streams of the artform. Here's a few tips to better your…

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The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s

Every person can be beautiful, they need only let themselves. Boudoir Photography may seem daring at first, but can be empowering, self-affirming experiences for modern women.

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Get Ready For Summer With These Swimwear Fashion Shoot Tips

Make your photographer the king of the beach this summer with these tips for your next swimwear fashion shoot.

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A Guide To Working With Male Models

Working with male models is a challenge. US lifestyle photographer John Schell breaks down the unique challenges of shooting male models, from concept to styling and lighting to…

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