Tips to insure you make the right choice when selecting photography Tours and Getaways

I believe the recipe for a rewarding and memorable experience is to provide a synergy between travel and photography and to attract like-minded people to learn and share…

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Why Outdoor Photography Workshops are so Popular amongst Visitors to Cape Town

Finding a great outdoor photography workshop in Cape Town is fairly simple. Being such a beautiful place and so highly ranked as a travel destination. Ensure that the style in…

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How to Become a Successful Video Blogger

A successful video blogger requires a major amount of dedication, along with creativity and consistency to make the movie clip POP. here are a few importants tips to help you on…

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What do I require to shoot Video for online business and social platforms

What skills are required to shoot video professionally is definitely achievable for beginners wanting to moved forward in this field. What is required and what you need to learn…

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Where to start off as a photographer

Do your research first by reading and asking all the questions that come to mind to like minded people in this field. Avoid walking straight into a camera store with your wallet…

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Important Lighting Setups for Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is all about the lighting in order to establish the desired mood, highlight the features, and capture the subject's essence and character.

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Why is a good corporate headshot important both for Corporate and Social

A high-quality professionally photographed headshot portrays professionalism and competence in the person as first impressions people have of you count the most, in a business…

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Production studio requirements for your social media

Choose a suitable studio space that will meet the needs of the production and client brief without compromise and within budget.

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What makes for a good photography studio that is worth hiring

A good photography studio is worth hiring if it provides a conducive environment for creating high-quality images for stills and offers a range of services as well as equipment…

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All You need to know about taking photos in Winter

Winter outdoor photography can present unique challenges due to the weather conditions and the quality of light during this season.

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Is AI Taking over from the Photographer

AI is a tool that photographers can embrace to enhance their work, streamline their workflow, and explore new creative possibilities. It is a powerful ally rather than a…

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All you need to know about being a Photographer

Most import that you realise from the beginning is that there are really not rules, just like in fashion and "the arts". The way to approach learning photography is to develop…

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What are the Essentials to a Great Photography Studio

A photography studio is beneficial for a photographer as it provides the space for controlled and dedicated light for capturing high-quality images in addition to adding the…

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How to take great landscape and flower photographs in the Autumn

Photographing flowers and landscape in Autumn can be a beautiful way to capture the changing colours and textures of the season. to achieve great results take note of the…

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All you need to know when getting into photography

Consider what you will be using the camera for and what features are most important to you. Taking pictures in manual mode gives you greater control over your camera settings, so…

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What all models should know when deciding on Modelling as a Career

It's also important to ensure that your pictures are current and up-to-date, as trends in the modelling industry can change quickly. and make sure you understand the legal…

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Tips on how to take great Photos of The full Moon

See the light, take the shot is what I live by when taking photographs. The best time of day to photograph the full moon depends on your location and the lighting environment.…

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Importance of graduation photographs and choosing the Best Photographer for the job

Graduation photographs serve as a commemoration of this important milestone and provide a way for graduates to remember their accomplishment and celebrate their hard work.

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Online Payment Gateways is the leading method for Educational Opportunities

Education is key and should be available for all. Here are a few suggestions which have been implemented by one of Cape Town’s Leading Photography Schools catering for all kinds…

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3 Easy Camera settings for MANUAL Photography

Throw away those cheat sheets, switch on your camera and turn on the mode to M (manual). Take control and be the creator and driving force behind the camera, and experience the…

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