The big picture on photography as an exciting and lucrative career.

Choosing photography a career requires a basic education and social understanding of people as well as creativity and enthusiasm rather than how many university degrees you might have, says David Lazarus of DLPHOTO studio. Being professional, understanding a client brief and being able to communicate is key.

Having gained my photographic experience in a wide cross-section of genres, I like to provide a platform for other creative people to become involved in an industry that is financially rewarding and enjoyable. Each day, a photographer’s knowledge is challenged by the ever-changing developments and trends that are presented. You never stop learning or developing your talents.

I run a selection of part-time photography courses, The Beginner to Pro, as well as short workshops for the more intermediate and advanced market. Learners are educated in how to use their camera settings correctly in manual mode, as well as all the secrets to lighting in studio and on location, composition and the different genres into consideration.

The courses and workshops are available for individuals as well as groups, limited to 5 students per group allowing for a relaxed atmosphere, as well as a hands-on approach to understanding the practical side. 

David Lazarus insists that learning is about practice and confidence, and this is what Dlphoto studio provides, from teenagers to pensioners, there is always opportunity.

All camera gear is provided to new students by Dlphoto studio, as David also believes that students should be advised according to their needs and budget when making this critical decision. This can make or break your passion, the right lens and the right body is most important.

Once you have the recipe and understanding, there is no turning back, you decide on your path to follow your explore, locally or as a vehicle to travel, allowing photography to be more than just a career, but a passion.

The Beginner to Pro course that is offered caters for students who are straight out of school, as well as those people wishing to reinvent their career and generate immediate income as entrepreneurs.

Part-time courses, as well as short workshops for the intermediate as well as the more advanced, are provided within a fully set up and professional studio offering the students the opportunity to work and operate current and professional equipment in order to set them in good stead with the confidence and the knowledge of achieving the desired goals.

DLPHOTO has the vision to promote all to reach their passion in photography, either as a hobby or a career, providing one on one titian as well as group courses 6 days a week. All camera gear is provided to students as the aim is to enrich the student with the knowledge to make the right purchase, which is a foundation to kick start and form of growth in this field.

Photography as a career 

Photographers, like any profession, require a skill and a discipline, the difference is as a photographer you work for yourself, this is important as you are able to plan assignments and co-ordinate your jobs around your calendar, this does not mean taking things easy, rather, providing attention to being productive in planning and closing new clients.

One of the advantages of being a photographer is the low start-up costs, once you have your “gear” the world is yours. No longer is it the norm to earn a monthly salary which is probably under your worth, but rather write your own payslip, make your own decisions, and build a business and a reputation that is your own brand – own it.

Not only does DLPHOTO’s Beginner to Pro course provide the essential “for going out and doing it” The Marketing Toolbox is a workshop to equip you once you have completed the course and need to get a business plan together to start a career. The is useful for those individuals with no prior knowledge or experience in setting up a successful marketing plan to leverage their business, No one wants to hear “ there is no work” or “I am not making any money”.