Discovering your passion early in life for Photography is Wonderful

There are many considerations that need to be accounted for when deciding on taking up photography. Growing up with a love for taking pictures, led me to taking all the saved money I had at that time, and buying a basic camera and lens setup. Nothing fancy, but it worked and did the trick. It was only after having the opportunity to take photos frequently, did I start becoming critical over my achieved results.

At a young age, I was fortunate to have learnt was the manual settings on my manual film camera operated, so there were no issues when moving across to digital and making use of the manual settings, the biggest challenge was the lens. Soon after getting into photography, I found that my frustration was the quality of the image I shot and the range, which was limited by the lens I had at that time. Soon enough, the reality kicked in, I needed to start saving money for a better lens with better glass. The fact was that lenses were expensive… and still are. I also begun to realise that it was all about the lens and the body was secondary. People often get this confused, believing that a top end camera will take great photographs. This is not the case, it is the lens, followed by the camera and finally the eye of the photographer to capture the perfect shot.

Believe in what you want and then do it

As I became financially poorer, I became richer in my creative ways, all my money was motivated towards better lenses, and as a result, my photography took a drastic turn. I realised there was hope. I felt I had something to show the world. Something that was more important than money, it was the self-satisfaction and I felt from within, firstly from when I was taking photos, followed by the reactions when I showed my friends.

The result of believing in yourself

Soon after, I decided that I had a chance to change my career path, and move into something I love. Realising I needed to change work focus, and having the confidence to make such a bold move, was difficult.  I learnt afterward that in life you, need to take chances if you know what you truly want, and things will work out. Better referred to as “the law of attraction” Today, after 15 years of photography in the professional realm, I can say without doubt, I made the right decision and would never look back. I love my job. I provide professional photography services to major clients, I also have a full studio which I use for shoots, as well as rentals to clients. I also give back in the form of education, with intention and belief, that there are many people out here, that are able to share their creative skills and talent once given the knowledge and the tools to make this a reality.