On a light note, many people have the opinion that if you don’t like work, become an artist or a photographer, my response is you are being completely misled. One needs to consider that with any skill, training is required which is often costly and takes time, thereafter, you will need to have a budget of equipment and the necessary camera gear to do the job effectively. Finally, there is the marketing, this is actually where you build awareness and a client base for your business.

The three main areas to consider to become a professional photographer:

  1. Photography courses and practical training
  2. Buying the camera gear and the setup for your Photography needs
  3. Marketing and advertising your Photography Services


Photography courses and practical training:

It is important that you identify the areas in photography that you would like to explore. As there are many genres, it is important that you study what fits your intentions, whether it be events, fashion, products etc…You are then able to attend a workshop or shot photography course that concentrates on those specific areas. Photography can be complex, or very simple, so long as you make this decision upfront in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the vastness of this profession. There is an endless amount of knowledge to absorb, it is best to understand and learn to be the best at your game through a hands-on, practical course that is tailored to your needs. Make sure that you do your research to ensure that whichever photography school you enroll with, you are not just a number, you are someone that is there to ask questions and to gain all the knowledge you require. There are many courses out there with the sole intention to take your money and leave you with nothing other than disappointment when you graduate. I have heard many of these stories, so don’t become a victim, rather take your time in making the right choice, it’s your future and your money that you are investing in, don’t let someone ruin this journey for you.

Buying the camera gear and the setup for your Photography needs

As I mentioned in the above point, there are many genres of photography, each with their own camera gear requirements. We all aware that camera equipment is not cheap, especially if you are planning on purchasing a professional setup for work. Again, my suggestion is to do your research as to what you will be requiring as well as the costs involved. There are photography beginner workshops and courses that will assist you in making the correct decision and even provide you with a all the camera gear required for the practical sessions. This will provide you the opportunity to work and learn on gear that is suitable for your application and assist you in making the correct choices when you invest in your gear.

Avoid just being swayed by what the salesman or a friend tells you to purchase. Often the intention is good, but their knowledge is limited, again with salesmen, they are interested in just closing a sale at the end of the day. Also don’t take what written on the box literally, it is often misleading and not 100 percent true to reason. As camera bodies, lenses, and your lighting requirements and costly, it is important that you make the correct choice upfront. When it comes to camera gear, costly mistakes are difficult to resolve. Attempting to sell a new, but second hand camera will result in you taking a huge knock.

Marketing and advertising your Photography Services

The key to any businesses’ success is marketing, which leads to sales, which in turn, provides operating capital and income for you and your business to run effectively. This is the most important step to consider before you decide on photography as a career. Be confident in your goal to be the best, this will ensure that succeed in your mission. A good eye for composition and lighting is really all you need, along with a great personality and the ability to communicate with people. The rest is just the formula to get you to the top of your game. In today’s world, the internet is your tool to achieve this. You can make use of the free social platforms and groups or dive in with your own website. My suggestion is to firstly build content, visual and other, and secondly understand that a website that works for you involves constant attention form SEO specialists (site engine optimization), in order to rank on the first page. A beautiful website will not generate enquiries alone. Initially, I would suggest that you take the time to understand the free platforms available to market yourself that are straightforward and provide optimized reach when used correctly. This will help you to build a name, while you are building your confidence and online portfolio of work.