A perfect time to learn

As a professional photographer, or someone who just enjoys perfecting their skills and discovering new ways to capture the images they desire, lockdown is the perfect time to learn. Photography is one of those disciplines that is personalized to your choice of genre and can be done alone, meaning it is achievable without the assistance from others.

The photographer sets up the scene, the lighting and the style of what the shoot is about and then proceeds to ensure the camera is correctly positioned, with the correct distancing, using the best lens for the job. Final step is to take the photo, either in auto or manual.

Done properly, the result is satisfying and builds the momentum to continue until the best result are achieved.

Ensure that you have all the gear on hand, as well as storage facilities close by so you are able to edit your best images in final post and back it up safely.

Over the next few weeks, not only will your photography improve, but your editing skills alike. “Knowledge is power” for everyone. Another positive, is that while the world awaits hope and tension is building, you are able to shift your focus to something positive that you enjoy. Same goes for the likes of yoga and spiritual forms of balance to keep the mind centered.

Planning your shoot

Decide on something around your environment to focus one, from a product to a person in your family or even what is outside your window.

Take a sheet of paper and a pen and plan the look and feel of what you envisage to be the end result of your picture. Draw out the entire set up for the photoshoot, from positioning angles to where the light will be coming from, right to where you are going to set up the camera to take the shot.

Planning is always key, and like with any brief, you need a good idea of the end result. This takes step by step planning, starting with the initial sketch up of the proposed shoot. You will find that once you have the basics in front on you, with all the information written down, you will add and improve on this until you are ready to take the next step.


Using what’s online to make a positive impact

Making use of Pinterest, as well as other photographic reference sites will assist the flow of your creative juices. Take note from the best photographers around and add your personal touch of creative flavor to your shoot. Always good to learn from the best in developing your style and signature. Photography is something that never stops evolving, we continue to learn better and easier ways to be creative.

There are many free online courses and youtube videos that are currently available to assist you, both with the technical understandings for camera set up and lighting, as well as in the editing and post programs that are available to meet your needs.


Your subject of choice

We all have different interests in terms of what we enjoy photographing, either for commercial or private uses. Remember, that although “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” we all have different tastes that we contribute and share as photographers; it would therefore be in your interest to view the current trends.

Being on par in this regard, lets you understand what people are viewing, from creative styling to new concepts in presentation and delivery. This might not change your traditional way of shooting, but will have an influence in the way you grow and present your work, commercially or just on an individual level.

The likes of exposing yourself to these sites will be to your advantage, your current experience. This will ensure that your knowledge in taking photos is adapted to and help you grow in many positive and new ways. Keep an eye on google for the latest updates and editing software, there are many good ones that are free for download, this will keep your mind active over this period.

Last, but not least… there are no deadlines, so take advantage of your shoot to ensure you achieve the best results possible. It is not often that we have time like this to use for ourselves in a constructive way.