You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and there’s no business where this is more true than modeling. For every agency or client that you contact, your modeling portfolio will always get in the door before you. If you’re an aspiring model just starting out, chances are you don’t have enough finished work to build a portfolio just yet. So how do you get listed with a modeling agency in order to get that work?

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Photographs Before Agency

Agencies will often connect aspiring models needing a portfolio with an in-house photographer – and to keep costs down, this photographer will usually not be up to the standards used for their working talent. If you’re serious about your career, you need professional photos to create the look and image you need to succeed. Don’t even waste your time or money on what seems easier and cheaper.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and there’s no business where this is more true than modeling.

Every working model needs a strong portfolio and a professional comp card. Model composite cards or Z-cards have been the primary marketing tool of the industry since the 1960s, developed by the legendary Phillip Marlowe. Most comp cards are a one-page sheet displaying four to six photos including a headshot and vital stats, and in many cases, are your one and only opportunity to make a good first impression.
Looking Like A Working Model

The purpose of a modeling portfolio is not just simply to show that you are attractive – it is to show your comfort in front of the camera, your personality, and most importantly, your versatility, to show the kind of work you’d be eligible for. In my opinion as a photographer, there are four kinds of pictures that you can potentially wind up with – Bad, Good, Great, and WOW. Your modeling portfolio should consist of strictly Great and WOW level photos. As a new model, 6 to 12 pictures should be adequate to present yourself to a new agency. The key is a well thought out, well planned, and well executed selection of pictures to best market you.

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Walk into an agency with a portfolio that showcases the range of work that you could realistically be considered for, and you will not only show the agency that you look good, but that you’re a potential professional with the proper marketing tools so that they can get you work and make money for the both of you.

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