Taking your photography into the world of e-commerce.

A product tent, also commonly known as a light box, is the secret to shooting
items for e-commerce and product photography with ease and should result in
a positive outcome.

The tent

Simple to use and construct, there is not much to this.
A box frame for a box needs to be constructed with a size that is useful and
can accommodate most of the type of products you are intending to shoot.
Hint is to build a lightweight frame that can be stored and assembled with
little hassle or effort. You can purchase the DIY build from your local hardware

The Items

Then, go visit a textile /fabric outlet and purchase enough white silk screen
fabric to cover the box completely, with the exception of one side. Thisentrance, or opening is for the product placement and positioning. Also, this is
the entrance for the lens to be positioned to compose and capture the

In essence, the aim is to create an area that is completely white inside this
tent to ensure white light throughout the sides and backgrounds.
(picture your subject inside a ping pong ball).
From the white silkscreen fabric, add a backdrop curve, the width of the back
of the box, also known as an infinity curve, you can attach this to the back of
the box with velcro.

Make sure that you have a desk or table to place the box for work purposes.


The lighting

Natural vs constant light

The advantage of using natural light is that the light will filter evenly as it
travels through the white fabric, providing the inside of the box with overall
constant white light (the white fabric acts as a diffuser to shape the light
evenly within the box). This will assist with background grading and uniformity
for each product shot and reduce your editing time considerably.

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