Based on the style of shooting today, in relation to creative and editing software packages such as Photoshop and the likes, with all the available plugins, and last but not least the power of technology and the mobile phone capabilities, there is much to be said. This has not only converted the mindset to think differently, but has had a major impact in the way people interpret creative appreciation and thought from the social media market posting their latest images, through to professional and commercial conceptualization in today’s world.


In 2010 the focus was on double exposure.

I am sure for those that have been taking photos or had an interest in photography, the “art of double exposure” will be well remember as a jump in photographic presentation. To recap, double exposure is when two images that are captured in one image, almost like a layer on a layer at different opacities, creating an out of the norm effect of two images that are relating to the same moment simultaneously.



In 2011 the focus was on street photography.

Incorporating double exposure and the use of software and the filters and plug ins that were available at this time, moments in time were captured, from coffee shops and street culture to reportage and the economic, fashion and portrait influencers of this genre. 2011 market the change in demographic and political landscapes that will be remembered by all.


In 2012 the focus as on macro photography.

Macro photography relates to very close up images, with a shallow depth of field (DOP), emphasizing extreme detail on the actual subject. Great examples of this discipline may be seen in plants & flowers, as well as in smaller animals from the likes of the insect kingdom. The development in lens capabilities and better glass opened the door and interest in this field from both abstract and creative to scientific and research across the spectrum.


In 2013 the focus was on the smartphone and the iphone.

Even today there is different perceptions and banter as to using this technology over the traditional point and shoot & DSLR market, all a chain of through and preference as to what best suits the photographers needs. Both options are still being compared today in the same context and vane. Seems today that the “mobile age” is definitely gaining market share due to social media and the sharing of photographs, but for the more professional photographer, nothing beats the manual settings and the results of a good camera body and high standard glass.


In 2015 the focus moved to selfies.

Yes, this is where mobile devices as well as tablets became popular. In conjunction with all the social media platforms and the image sharing options, the world was suddenly able to share experiences, from self-expression and portraiture to family holidays and relevant news with others around the globe in an instant. Even selfie sticks became a necessity in this world of frame, snap and send. Today this is still at large and growing exponentially. New mobile phone features are just getting better and better every day, along with the simple easy to use editing apps that are included, making everyone with a mobile phone a photographer. I see this as a great thing as photography has become a way of life for everyone.


In 2016 the focus was creating…

Abstract, filtered photography and special effects became the exciting part of photography. The ability to take a photograph and in a matter of seconds, change the look, feel and mood of that moment according to personal preference became a given for all avid photographers and hobbyists. No longer was editing for skilled professionals, everyone with a mobile or a computer with free open source software became an artist or editor. People had evolved into photographers as well as digital editors in their own right. This synergy is still a way of life today, opening doors to everyone to participate and show their talent and expressions to their friends and the world. Absolutely amazing to have the opportunity share and be a part of this period.


In 2017 the focus was on drones entering the realm.

The fact that photographers had the technology to shoot digitally form the sky above was, and is today, a major breakthrough that has proved to be useful as a commercial tool, both for entertainment and advertising purposes for effects and angles, as well as for conservation and land preservation & climate change. Not only the fact that this method of capturing images may be used for still photography requirements, but for video and moving pictures. The doors of perception truly opened wide from built in cameras through to employment opportunities in this field.


In 2018 the focus was on travel photography.

Technology provided the tools for this. Smaller, highly speced cameras, as well as great lenses in the form of bridge cameras, along with the ability to download images to devices instantly, while geotagging locations made this a given for traveler around the world to capture the globe and its fascinations with ease. Using this technology, size and comfort, as well as convenience and the ease to take great pictures, suddenly provided memories that could be captured in an instant at any time and place. Memories of holidays and discovering new places became high on the list for personal as well as social integration across the social media platforms.


In 2019 the relevance and global situation became the emphasize.

Over this decade, we have seen and experienced challenges, climate changes and the likes, causing the “fear factor” to become an essential part of our everyday life and existence. The world needs to illustrate and document this in a way that we are all aware and are able to understand that if nothing is done, we are just going to go down even faster. Let the pictures reflect the truth of what is happening, and let everyone be aware and able to make a concerted effort to respect and assist to make this a safe and better place for all.  I see this and hear this every day, people are concerned and illustrate their feelings with visual journalism and opinion. Let’s hope this visualization of reality will have a positive influence to our precious world.


2020 what next?

I trust that you have found my contribution interesting and relevant from what we have experienced in the photographic landscape over the past 10 years. It has really been amazing and I am so grateful to be able to share this with you.

If you would like to apart of the process and learn more about photography, I would really like to share this passion with you, which initially started as a dream many years back. To learn more and share this dream, let us know how we can assist you in this quest.