Give your special someone the gift of Boudoir Photos this Valentine’s Day… Package includes champagne and professional hair, makeup and lighting to bring out your best. Gift certificates also available.

Every person can be beautiful, they need only let themselves. Boudoir photos – a traditional gift from a bride to her groom on their wedding day – have only risen in popularity in recent years, and are no longer strictly the domain of the marital set. Intimate, sexy, elegant – boudoir photography may seem daring at first, but can be empowering, self-affirming experiences for modern women who may be pleasantly surprised by the results – whether a gift for your husband, lover, or yourself.

A boudoir photography session is a collaboration between the model and the photographer, to create a relaxed, comfortable environment to bring out the best in you. While the thought of something so revealing might be daunting, remember, the suggestion of being nude is often much more provocative. The most important thing is to feel sexy and beautiful, to accentuate your best features, and sessions can be arranged in the comfort of your own home, a luxurious location, or in the convenience of a studio.

With professional lighting and makeup, we capture the best of you the first time round – but also include full retouching and editing services to remove even the slightest of imperfections. The final result is soft and beautiful and remains original. Depending on the number of pictures taken and the retouching required, normally all is ready within a few days. Thereafter, we offer you a Special Premier Showing, for your eyes only, where you have a private slide show and choose your most perfect looks.

Discover a new side to yourself with Boudoir Photography Sessions from DLPHTOTO’s David Lazarus. Photographers wanting to develop their skills in this field can also sign up for our Fashion Workshop. Contact us today.

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