There is nothing more stereotypical than a poorly shot photo of a model in a bikini.

“The bottom line is, that is something you see way too much in our industry, often so frequently that you end up getting a bad taste in your mouth for bikini photos in general. But, it doesn’t have to be this way – you really can make your swimwear photos stand out above the crowd if you take the time and effort to plan and pre-envision what you want to do.” US lifestyle photographer Nino Batista gives his tips on making your photography the king of the beach this summer.

  • Use prime lenses – they’re sharper and offer wider apertures than basically any zoom. Choose your focal length and stick with it – it gives your photos consistency, and makes sure that you work to set up and frame your shot. Nino recommends the Canon 135 2.0L.
  • Prioritize natural light over mixed lighting. Use white reflectors over silver ones for creating soft light. And bring along additional lighting gear  – just in case. Nino often uses a strobe to create two light setups in tandem with the sun, creating hyperreal looks. Another staple lighting setup is a dish with a strobe.

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