Photography vacations are a one-of-a-kind experience for those who already consider themselves advanced photographers as well as for those that are amateurs, just beginning their photographic journey. This type of a photo vacation is a wonderful experience for both photographers and non-photographers alike. Some of the best photography vacations combine leaders who are not only highly skilled in the technical and artistic areas of photography but also have an intimate knowledge of the local landscapes, towns, and villages. The photo guides have to be skilled in making your photography tour in Cape Town memorable on a cultural level as well.

Hand-picked locations 

Good Photography Tours are not the same as other tours. Hand-picked locations and expert knowledge will save you valuable time and allow you to spend more time “capturing the moments”. Photo tours that have many exotic locations will attract seasoned photographers who have the necessary photography skills but want to capture amazing images.

Like-minded fellow traveller’s 

Photographing new and extraordinary locations with others who share your interest is without question a valuable learning experience. Sharing knowledge and techniques with others is a very inspirational environment which can enable you to reach a new level of photographic revelation on your journey to becoming a better photographer. Choose a Tour that includes fun and excitement – makes for a great vacation as well!

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Renew your passion and improve your photography

Great things happen when people are passionate. Photography Tours will inspire you to pick up your camera every day with the aim of capturing great shots. The photography tour leader will assist participants in improving all aspects of photography. Perhaps the sense of light-hearted competition will encourage everyone to search for interesting and better results!

Concentrated practice 

There is no substitute for practice. Someone did say “Practice makes perfect” and it is so true. Photography Tours enable you to learn technical skills and theory ‘in the field’ and put your training to use immediately. The more you practice your new skills, the longer they will stay with you. The goal is to have the process of making a photograph become second nature which will free you to relax more and to pursue artistic vision.

Develop your own Photography vision

Photography is all about seeing. Learning to find the qualities of a potential image takes time and practice. Details such as balance, colour and design all contribute to the aesthetic qualities of a photograph. Having an experienced photographer, nearby will help you to make sense of the relationships between the elements in your photograph resulting in a cohesive composition that works.

Ideal Tour pace 

It takes time to photograph. Good tours allow ample time to explore a place and discover the best site and time of day to take a photograph. Everybody who travel with a Photography Tour has come to the tour with a unique photographic journey. Each participants levels of passion and ability vary greatly. Great Photography Tours can encompass these variations and create an environment that allows all to make their desired goals.

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