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A Boudoir Photographer provides a chance for a woman to appreciate how beautiful she really is, to celebrate her femininity and the uniqueness of each female form. Celebrate your natural beauty with boudoir and glamour photo shoots by David Lazarus. A collaboration between the client and the photographer, in studio or on location, the results are intimate, sexy and elegant. With professional styling, hair and makeup and full retouching and editing services, you may just surprise yourself.

An experienced Boudoir Photographer is able to create an intimate, fun & empowering experience. The sensual photography shoot is a place where woman can come and immediately feel safe and comfortable enough to have charismatic, sexy & sensuous photos taken…and feel like a Femme Fatale for a day! As privacy is highly important to us, we appreicate that you may not want to share your photographs on the web or in our portfolio. Therefore, all the images that are taken durting the shoot are not used on our website or social media platforms.

– A boudoir shoot is a great idea as a gift for your partner or just a gift to celebrate yourself and your uniqueness.

At DLPHOTO we believe that every woman is beautiful…just the way they are and we want to celebrate your beauty. So contact us to book your very own sensual photography shoot!

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