Finding a perfect gift for our partner is a challenge for most of us. A great idea is to give your partner a piece of yourself in the form of art. Fine Art Nude Photography is as popular as ever, and our studio specialises in Boudoir Photography in Cape Town.

Our services are discreet, private and professional to give you an empowering experience. We want women to appreciate how beautiful they are in every shape and form. Celebrate your femininity and natural beauty with our services to capture yourself as you’ll never be able to alone. To ensure that you are comfortable, you may want to bring a close friend for support as well as your favorite bottle of bubbly… just takes the edge off and helps one to relax and be themselves without any inhibition. It is about having fun on the day. We encourage our studio to be your space of comfort on this day. Beauty comes from within, so does sexappeal and character an personality, large, small, rounded is not what we after, it is the real you we want to capture.

We also offer professional styling, hair and makeup, as well as full retouching and editing services. Our Cape Town photo studio has a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make you feel safe, comfortable and at ease so that we can create the most beautiful results together. Our studio features a comfortable lounge area and changing room, as well as your choice of music,a private bathroom and kitchen facilities. Parking is also available off street, so your car is safe and secure. We encourage our clients to gather references and ideas of the type of photos they would like to have taken. We will discuss this in a free consultation with you prior to the actual date of your photo shoot. As this is a private shoot, I feel that is essential to meet you and establish and plan your special shoot in detail, so you are comfortable and prepared on the big day.

We are flexible to the style and mood that you wish to capture and make this possible through years of experience and understanding the brief of the shoot in detail. Being open minded and flexible achieves the best results, let it be artistic or sensual. It is all about what you want to get out of the shoot and the memories you want to see in the images taken. On completion, a selection of your best images from the day’s photo shoot will be selected for edit and post. We can also create artistic and abstract nude looks to meet your creative eye, or provide something more erotic and sensual. Your taste is important to us, so we can deliver a masterpiece. Images will be provided in colour and black and white, all depending on your taste and style of the photograph. Present it as a gift to a lover or special friend, or hang it somewhere special in your house.

A boudoir nude fine art photography shoot is a great idea as an intimate and romantic gift for your partner, or just have this done for yourself to celebrate your own physical beauty, femininity and uniqueness. We know that every woman is beautiful and would love the opportunity to capture you in this very unique and timeless way.

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