It’s a time to Celebrate your Femininity

Every woman in life has a dream to feel empowered and celebrate their femininity as a way

to boost their confidence and moral and to empower the flame within.

To feel beautiful and sexy is certainly is one of the key feelings that one wants to have. This

may be for different reasons, either for oneself own fulfilment, or for one’s partner, in a

way to share intimacy and to boost desires.

For whatever the reason, photography provides a visual interpretation in a way that freezes

that moment in your life. Boudoir is therefore essentially timeless, where expressing a time

in one’s life to look back on remains tangible, and something one can always look back on.

When entering into a relationship with someone special, it is often a wonderful gift to

provide them with your intimate thoughts, in a way that you are most comfortable. You can

capture a mood that will be pleasing for both yourself and your partner. Sharing this

intimate “gift” sometimes is a means to enhance your sexual relationship, as your intention

is to feel that reaction and to feel desirable in every way.

Other reasons that might spark the thought for a boudoir photo shoot would be the thought

of capturing yourself before planning a family, or, even at a point in your life when you are

feeling really good about yourself and wish to hold on to that moment forever.

Planning Your Boudoir Photo shoot

This is not an everyday thing, so yes, it is very exciting, as you are seeking from within as to

what it should say about you. Planning the shoot with a stranger taking pictures of you is

not always easy, but soon as you go shopping for that lingerie, which I am sure is a

something most women enjoy, seeking a make-up artist that you are happy with, and of

course, finding references that express your personality, you start building momentum and

the fun begins…

A Boudoir shoot is more about being pampered on that special day. From the campaign and

the music to set the mood, to the indulging and the styling of your shoot. Once your make-

up is completed, and you’ve had your first glass of bubbly, you will look in the mirror and

feel like this moment is what you deserve. It is your special day.

Steps to plan the Photo Shoot that you should consider

Build your own storyboard that you will feel comfortable with.

To discover what is out there and to open your creative mind, take some time to scroll

through relevant online sites that you feel meet your taste. Look at the make-up, the poses,

the lighting, and of course the outfits and accessories that are pleasing to your eye. This will

set the theme as planning and understanding what initially works for you is the start of the



Contact a makeup artist.

As there are many makeup artists with their own style, find one that you feel meets the

look and feel of the shoot that you are planning. Someone that you believe can make you

look spectacular. It is my advice that you research and look at the portfolios of the ones that

you are considering first, to ensure that they meet with your requirements. Pictures are

highly visual and show credit in this department. Remember, this is your day, and your

make-up is as important as everything else. Good make-up will ensure limited editing and a

better end result.

Choosing the Photographer

Firstly, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. This definitely

reflects in the final photo, as true expression is everything. So, find a photographer that you

feel relaxed and comfortable with, someone you can talk to and be yourself with.

Then you need to view the references of some current and past work from the

photographer, the compositions, lighting, look and feel and generally how professional they

are. Maybe even ask the photographer if you can contact a past client for a review on how

they found the shoot.

Yes, I know it’s about the budget at the end of the day, but make sure you don’t just take

the cheapest option. Sometimes the more expensive packages offer more, in terms of

experience and better overall images on handover. I am not saying paying more is always

better. Just do your homework, and thereafter, go with what your intuition tells you.

Now book the date

As a Boudoir photographer, I always insist on either receiving references from a client, or a

free meeting before the actual shoot date. I believe it is important to meet up or

communicate with the client to understand their succinct brief. I also need to decipher their

taste, as everyone is different and has different expectations. This again allows me to

prepare effectively for the shoot. From the input of the photographer, there is a great deal

of planning from lighting, set ups, and styling e.g. “I want to feel like I know you from when

you enter the door”. When you are in my studio, there is a need to be relaxed and

comfortable, as this is your big day.