Outdoor Photography

A field test in outdoor photography techniques in the Cape Town Company’s Garden or Bo-Kaap.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography workshop on lighting and flash techniques in a full studio setup.


How setting up your camera can make a difference to your photography

Important facts that are essential in setting up your camera properly can make a significant difference in the quality and impact of your photography


All You need to know about taking photos in Winter

Winter outdoor photography can present unique challenges due to the weather conditions and the quality of light during this season.

All you need to know about being a Photographer

Most import that you realise from the beginning is that there are really not rules, just like in fashion and "the arts". The way to approach learning photography is to develop your style, the way the camera settings work comes second. The camera just follow your instruction to capture your photograph. 


How to take great landscape and flower photographs in the Autumn

Photographing flowers and landscape in Autumn can be a beautiful way to capture the changing colours and textures of the season. to achieve great results take note of the suggested tips like time of day and explore the power of light in the golden hour

All you need to know when getting into photography

Consider what you will be using the camera for and what features are most important to you. Taking pictures in manual mode gives you greater control over your camera settings, so make sure you intend a short workshop before making your final decision so you receive the best advice to serve your photography needs.

Tips on how to take great Photos of The full Moon

See the light, take the shot is what I live by when taking photographs. The best time of day to photograph the full moon depends on your location and the lighting environment. Very simple and worth learning to capture great landscape photographs. This is most rewarding and a way of life.

Online Payment Gateways is the leading method for Educational Opportunities

Education is key and should be available for all. Here are a few suggestions which have been implemented by one of Cape Town’s Leading Photography Schools catering for all kinds of photography training:


Making the correct decision on choosing a photography course for 2023

It is for this reason, and being passionate about photography, that I am going to layout the facts, and the importance to assist you in making the right choices in selecting an institution or photography school that will meet your expectations and take you to the level you expect.

The Best Entry Level Camera Options for 2023

Competition and technology is high, so I suggest that you don’t go by the what the box says, but rather ask the sales person to demo the camera for you


The Most Import Facts you Need to know about Editing Photographs

Make sure your editing skills are defined and live up to the expectations of the job. Poor editing can leave a really nasty finish and may even detract from the intention of the photograph.


Best Tips for Photographing Buildings

It all starts off with a great photograph. An image that is captured well and represents the property in it best light and form, is what initially will attract the attention of the buyer to start reading the details in the advert.

Why Photography is a good career choice for 2022

Photographers today that are working in the industry are tending to become more specialised in the field they are best, or, again, to better themselves in the genres that are financially viable in their scope and ability to deliver


Buying The Right Camera Gear and Lighting in South Africa

There are many so called electronic retailers that sell camera gear and lighting, however, you will sometimes encounter in store service knowledge that is not far from zero when asking about the gear. Do your costing and price comparisons, as well as the credibility relating to the store before you walk through the door.

The Importance of having a Good Eye to Take great Photographs

My advice is develop your style and use “the eye for photography” that you have been gifted to use

How to get Creative using your Camera Settings

Often you see a photograph that someone has taken and you ask yourself that question...how did the person take this photograph or is this just editing

The Importance of Choosing the Right Photography Location

Locations play a major role in bringing out the emotions and “the story” behind the image