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Tips For Your First Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography - intimate, romantic and sometimes erotic images of the human form - has been around since the advent of the first photographs the Victorian Era, but it was only in the 1980s that it had a resurgence in its modern form. Before, they were early mass-market glimpses of erotica – now, they are made for the private collections of the subject and their romantic partners. Now, boudoir photography is characterized by empowerment, a celebration of the subject-as-client and their sexuality.

Lessons From A NatGeo Photographer

After 31 years of travelling the globe capturing its landscapes and cultures, British photographer Jimmy Nelson has picked up a lifetime of wisdom on the discipline.

How To Be Confident On Camera

Being natural requires you to practice until it feels like the camera isn’t there, while maintaining an awareness of where the camera is so you can engage with it and reach the eyes of your viewers.

Food Photography Tips from Liza Gershman

Add a bit of sizzle to bland food photos with these tips from pro food photographer Liza Gershman.

The Importance of Photography for Your Business

Corporate photography has become one of the crucial elements of the marketing strategy of any business, in both communicating within a company and with potential customers.

Make The Right Impression With Your Social Profile Pic

First impressions count, so be sure that your picture conveys the perfect impression with professional social media portraits from David Lazarus.

5 Tips To Better Landscape Photography

Despite Instagram's best efforts, a sunset never gets old, and landscape photography remains one of the most popular streams of the artform. Here's a few tips to better your captures.