How to prepare you for your photoshoot

Models and actors alike need more than just the looks, they need to show expression and display the mood that is required for the look and the style of the shoot as well as adhere to the requirements of the brief.

Lighting set ups made simple to photograph portraits professionally

Many photographers assume that shooting portraiture requires an in-depth knowledge of lighting as well as a large budget for lighting gear and studio set up. Well the good news is that this is definitely not true. A portable home studio setup aided by simple speedlite flash heads will do the trick.

How to plan a photographic exhibition and generate sales.

We share similar dreams and goals to be on the walls of a famous and credible gallery where like-minded critics and art consumers appreciate and commend you on your work. Follow the right steps and plan properly and you could be one of the fortunate people to reach their dreams.

How to become a professional photographer in 2020

A career in photography, or even pursuing photography as a hobby requires some technical knowledge if you wish to successfully create an avenue for creative expression, the same applies for commanding a client brief that will produce satisfactory results.

Online workshops and courses

Online photography courses and workshops from Beginner to Pro, learn all the camera settings you need to take professional pictures, the secrets to flash and lighting setups, as well as editing and post production

Improve your photography during lockdown

As a professional photographer, or someone who just enjoys perfecting their skills and discovering new ways to capture the images they desire, lockdown is the perfect time to learn. Photography is one of those disciplines that is personalized to your choice of genre and can be done alone, meaning it is achievable without the assistance from others.

Become a Professional Photographer the Right Way

To become a professional photographer, it is important to learn some of the basic guidelines to follow.