Photography Tips for Beginners

Remember that the intention of the client is to ensure that a single well shot product will increase the number of visits to the website or foot traffic through the door. Today, product photography is key to most businesses.

Top Photography Tips when Traveling

As an avid traveler and someone with a passion to capture and document their experiences while traveling, there are certain things take into consideration from a photography point of view.

Why Cape Town is the best summer location for photography

Cape Town is a number one destination to photograph. This is a city where photographers are able to explore and fulfil all those dreams and moments through the click of a button and the view through your lens. I am taking this opportunity to share some of my best places with you for this time of year in Cape Town.

Flash & Lighting

Photography workshop on flash and lighting techniques with the Speedlite flash in a full studio setup.

Outdoor Photography Tips & Insights

Lighting is the most crucial element when it come to photography. It can consequently ‘make or break’ a good photograph more than any other facet or external factor. To exact the most effective results in any good photograph, it is imperative that foresight regarding lighting always be taken into account.