How to become a professional photographer

attributes and positive guidelines to becoming a good professional photographer and building a successful and sustainable career in photography.


Shift in photography as from now – 2024:

Technology and platforms continue to evolve in Photography through the likes of ai, automation, virtual reality, augmented reality to mention a few of the exciting developments in story telling across all genres of photography.


What the future holds for digital Cameras in 2024

Mirrorless cameras have made significant strides and are now a preferred choice for many photographers due to their technological advantages and modern features.


Let’s talk smart phone as an option for your photography needs

How to choose the best photography option based on your specific photography goals, budget, and preference. Smart phone or Digital camera


Photography trends in 2024

Direct flash photography has become pivotal in capturing this aesthetic, emphasising crisp contrasts and enhancing the clarity of details


What you need to know when photographing images for online without experiencing quality loss

It is essential to understand the challenges of optimising RAW for the web and implementing strategies to preserve image quality can empower photographers to make informed choices in their workflow.


How setting up your camera can make a difference to your photography

Important facts that are essential in setting up your camera properly can make a significant difference in the quality and impact of your photography


How to set up your new camera

The most important tips to follow once you have bought your camera is setting up and understanding your camera's features to enable you to capture the best possible images in the most challenging situations. 

Tips to insure you make the right choice when selecting photography Tours and Getaways

I believe the recipe for a rewarding and memorable experience is to provide a synergy between travel and photography and to attract like-minded people to learn and share accordingly the beautiful Cape Peninsula and its world class surrounds


Where to start off as a photographer

Do your research first by reading and asking all the questions that come to mind to like minded people in this field. Avoid walking straight into a camera store with your wallet and no idea what you need. have a basic idea so you are able to communicate effectively on the subject or you might end up regretting it.


Important Lighting Setups for Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is all about the lighting in order to establish the desired mood, highlight the features, and capture the subject's essence and character.


All You need to know about taking photos in Winter

Winter outdoor photography can present unique challenges due to the weather conditions and the quality of light during this season.

Is AI Taking over from the Photographer

AI is a tool that photographers can embrace to enhance their work, streamline their workflow, and explore new creative possibilities. It is a powerful ally rather than a replacement for skilled photographers.


All you need to know about being a Photographer

Most import that you realise from the beginning is that there are really not rules, just like in fashion and "the arts". The way to approach learning photography is to develop your style, the way the camera settings work comes second. The camera just follow your instruction to capture your photograph. 


How to take great landscape and flower photographs in the Autumn

Photographing flowers and landscape in Autumn can be a beautiful way to capture the changing colours and textures of the season. to achieve great results take note of the suggested tips like time of day and explore the power of light in the golden hour

All you need to know when getting into photography

Consider what you will be using the camera for and what features are most important to you. Taking pictures in manual mode gives you greater control over your camera settings, so make sure you intend a short workshop before making your final decision so you receive the best advice to serve your photography needs.

Tips on how to take great Photos of The full Moon

See the light, take the shot is what I live by when taking photographs. The best time of day to photograph the full moon depends on your location and the lighting environment. Very simple and worth learning to capture great landscape photographs. This is most rewarding and a way of life.


Making the correct decision on choosing a photography course for 2023

It is for this reason, and being passionate about photography, that I am going to layout the facts, and the importance to assist you in making the right choices in selecting an institution or photography school that will meet your expectations and take you to the level you expect.