Photography Tips for Beginners

Remember that the intention of the client is to ensure that a single well shot product will increase the number of visits to the website or foot traffic through the door. Today, product photography is key to most businesses.

How to become a professional photographer in 2020

A career in photography, or even pursuing photography as a hobby requires some technical knowledge if you wish to successfully create an avenue for creative expression, the same applies for commanding a client brief that will produce satisfactory results.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Photography Service Provider

Clicking photos on your own might not get you the perfect clarity and quality as provided by the professional photographers. That's the only reason why people prefer to take the help of a reputed company. A professional click captures all the moments and emotions that later translates into memories.

Improve your Photo editing skills

Photo editing has come a long way since the darkroom. Actions that used to take hours of painstaking work can now be done or, more importantly, undone at the click of a mouse. So where do you get started in learning how to navigate the world of digital photo editing? We’ve created this quick guide to help you start in the right direction.


Family gatherings, corporate events and brand activations, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus is adept at capturing an experience to match your vision.

Post Production & Editing

Photography workshop on the post-production process.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography workshop on lighting and flash techniques in a full studio setup with a professional model.

Pursuing a Career in Photography

Everyone likes to take pictures, but some people really love it enough to make their whole goal into getting a photography career. Whether your work for someone or create your own company, you are going to need to know a few things before you get into it

How to Build a Photobox

A product tent, also commonly known as a light box, is the secret to shooting
items for e-commerce.