This is a very special time for all families as they prepare for a new edition to the fold. This is a time for where miracles shine and need to be recorded, a time that is never to be repeated in the same way. Moments like these are forever and therefor need to be captured so they can be shared with family and friends and always be looked back on as the child grows from an infant to an adult. Today we are spoilt with the internet, which means that we have the opportunity to share these moments visually through the likes of social media and private groups that we create. Sharing these moments need to be captured perfectly to meet the personality and brief of what the family is wanting to achieve. It is for this reason that photography, and let me add, the photographer, plays a major role in making this all happen.

What Steps a Photographer must take when Shooting a Baby Shower.

Not only does the family need to plan the baby shower, but the photographer will need to ensure that all is executed smoothly and meets their approval. To ensure the result is pleasing, the following steps need to be taken into consideration:

The Baby Shower Package

It is important to be clear by listing what is included in the photoshoot. While not all photographers own their own photography studio, it is necessary to have a location or an equipped studio on hand for the photoshoot. Make sure that the requested date and time meets with the client’s diary, as this type of photoshoot involves a great deal of planning from the side of the client. The family will normally have a guest list of the people they would like to attend. It is this guest list that makes the shoot memorable where photos are taken with the entire party present at the baby shower when celebrating this event. You do not want to be caught short at the last minute as that would be very unprofessional and probably cost you future jobs of this nature.

Besides the location or studio rental, ensure that you provide the props. The importance of creating the mood and look is important, so consider such things as balloons and signage that is relevant… “it’s a boy…” this tells a story and will assist in insuring the entire event “pops”. Catering is also an option. Light snacks, cupcakes, as well as tea and coffee always helps in rounding things off in order to provide a complete package for the client and their guests. Note, the less the client has to do in the organising of this, the better. Offering a full package also provides potential of earning more as the photographer. So, consider your responsibility as the photographer as well as the catering to oversee the entire event. And again, make sure the location or the studio is equipped in such a way to provide the full package you are advertising.

How to deliver a Professional Baby Shower Photoshoot

Communication is Key

Once you have the above covered, you need to consider the camera gear as well as the styling, lighting setups, and the references that will be pleasing to the client. Each client requires something different that is special to them and their family, so ask questions before just taking the job or this could prove disastrous. There are those clients who prefer the candid, more real experience, and there are those that are more traditional and conservative in their ideas. Make sure you understand their intentions before presenting your package and price. Try keep things simple as to what you are offering, as sometimes too much choice is not a good idea and can cause uncertainty and confusion.

Preparing on the Day

As the coordinator, you need that ensure that all your suppliers have delivered on time, ensure everything is laid out and ready when the client arrives. A client who arrives to a panic, is a client that already is questioning your shoot and capabilities, normally resulting in an overall failure due to misconceptions. Ensure that the lighting is setup correctly and the mood has been set for the shoot. This is as important as having a charged battery and a card in your camera.

Let the Show Begin

Greet and welcome all with patience, politeness and confidence to ensure everyone is comfortable and excited about the shoot. If you are able to offer all the above, your shoot will be a success and everyone will be happy. Remember word of mouth makes for great advertising and more jobs, so do it right the first time. Most of the guests that are present might also be expecting a new addition to the family, or know someone in their circle of friends that require a baby shower. 

So go nail it and be prepared for any event, the same rules apply.