It is clear that we are all living in an age of technology, as well as trauma, challenged by the need to be constantly aware of change and development. There is a prevalence that time runs away with us, and moments become lost. Memories subconsciously become a flicker of the past, without one realising that as people come into this world, people too are leaving this world.

Being a part of this environment, and an avid communicator and social storyteller through professional photography, it has become very clear that we maintain some form of backup of our closest family experiences, in order to share as well as look back and readdress those moments, and the people that made those moments possible.

Reasons that you need to hire a professional Photographer

Creating a safe space for children by adding your family photographs on the wall, as well as on your family online social platforms is the authentic connection that people today are seeking in this not so authentic world. When you are taking these images on your mobile device, or other, there tends to be always someone missing from the photograph. Having the image taken by a family member prevents the true behaviour and social interaction of the family conversing as a whole. A part of the professional photographer’s responsibility is to ensure that there is “a story to every household” that needs to be visually told to all.

Occasions which require the hiring of a professional Photographer are when new family members are introduced to the world, birthday celebrations, and family events from those far away, who require wonderful memories which will not be repeated. Catching every expression and meaning behind the occasion is the photographer’s quest, so make sure that you choose and research someone that you feel meets your taste and expectations. It is your responsibility to view references and past work which display the skill and intention that you require; therefore take your time and research carefully, remembering that every photographer has their own style, and the same applies to the client.

Services a Professional Photographer needs to provide to the Client

Not just any photographer can do this job. Make sure that if you intend offering the type of service to families, you have the personality that is versatile, and that you are the type of person that enjoys other people’s interests. This would be generally a good listener and a conversationalist. It is an environment that is “warm and personal”, it is not a corporate or agency styled photoshoot.

It is important to communicate with your client in advance, in order to clearly understand their needs and requirements. All families are different, and want a certain personality and story to shine from the photographs that are captured. Some families are more serious and lean towards the traditional, while others want a more candid theme throughout. Understanding your client up front is essential, in preparation as to how you intend to achieve the end result.

Location and time of day is the next important point of consideration. If the shoot is outdoors or at a location, familiarise yourself before hand of the place, either through a site visit, prior to the shoot, or through online research. Lighting is everything, and this will either make the shoot or break the shoot. Props, furniture and outdoor settings plays a role in this, as lighting and backdrops will create the mood. Should the client require a setting that is not suitable, due to lighting challenges, advise the client to avoid disappointment. Remember, as a photographer, you need to be the one giving the professional advice. Take the weather into account, and make sure that the client is prepared as to what to expect, should the location need to be relocated or rescheduled.

Once you have all this in order, compare your notes and your brief to references that will meet the look and feel of the shoot. There are many sites with great photography content in this field that will provide this. When you arrive at the shoot, it is the photographer’s responsibility to direct and compose the shots, as well as setups and group shots. Often photographers overlook this, resulting in confusion and disorder at the shoot. This is when the client has reservations and this often results in confidence issues, which will show in the final edit with expressions of the people in the photographs.

Equipment and camera gear play a large role in the final result. Ensure that you are prepared for the shoot. Take the appropriate lenses and lighting as well as the necessary camera gear to compose and light correctly. Rather be over prepared than under prepared. Not only will there be less stress and challenges, but the shoot should run smoothly and the desired results will be achieved. One cannot be creative or focus on a job when not fully comfortable. The client alike needs to feel your confidence and direction throughout the shoot.