We are all challenged by the circumstances that have forced us to be distant from those that we love, as well as achievements that we have accomplished during these challenging and stressful times. Taking all this into consideration, we all need to be updated with family announcements and celebrations, such as new additions to the family, graduations, birthdays, and the general warm and positive news that one shares as a family. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to utilize the tools that have been handed to us, that being online groups and social platforms, where we can share these moments with others that are far away, and unable to be present at the time. It is these very platforms that allow us to capture the moments through visual content and storytelling, something we all need to make use of as a family.  We are able to achieve this through archived photographs that we have taken or had commission professionally. Capture the moment and express it like no other, as expressed through great photography and reportage. This is something that everyone can relate to and communicate using online resources. We are able to create titled albums to store these memories in a special place where we can revisit and reminisce.

Different scenarios require different Photography. To be clear on this point, anyone can snap a picture on their mobile device, and yes this might suffice, however, an experienced photographer who understands your brief and requirements will do a better job. Understanding people and their needs, as well as the theme, background and lighting, all play a major role in achieving a positive end-result.

Tips for the Photographer

As a professional photographer, specializing in family occasions and the likes of graduation photoshoots and personal achievements, I realise there is a need to be passionate about people and understand their needs and lifestyles. Every family is different, and will expect a specific and more personalised result from the outcome of the photoshoot. My advice to all those photographers planning on shooting family related genres is that you listen carefully and definitely not be judgmental to their briefs and expectations. Keeping an open mind will allow you to get into the swing of what they require from the shoot. A good idea is to ask for references, so you are able to learn a little about your subject and what they are all about before the photoshoot. You don’t need to take over, but be prepared for the shoot from both the composition and the planning of the shoot, through to the gear you will require to make your job less stressful. Remember, the client must not see any panic or uncomfortableness in the photographer. They need to feel at ease and comfortable, in order for the photographer to capture a natural overall feel from behind the camera, with little interruption. Whether it be serious or just a shoot filled with laughter and love, it’s the small things that make a huge difference.

Tips for the Client

As the client, it is important that you gauge this from the photographer that you choose for your shoot. Communication and transparency are the key to being comfortable. Take your time reviewing their portfolios and related bodies of work, in order to ensure it meets your expectations. Every photographer has their own style, either you like it or you don’t, so choose wisely if you want photographs that are meaningful and portray what you have in mind. It is you, the client, who owns the memory. Acquire the pictures that say it all.

Regarding rates that photographers charge is normally dependent on what you are requiring as well as the experience that the photographer has behind them. Again, that saying of “you get what you pay for” applies. Ask about their packages, this will normally provide an idea of what you can expect, as well as what you are willing to spend. Should you expect the photographer to shoot in a professional photographic studio, with different backgrounds and lighting, be prepared to pay more, as studio rates are normally costly. The same applies if you expect the photographer to travel to different locations for a single shoot, you need to consider the travel costs and the duration of shoot.

So let me conclude by saying that I trust this will assist both sides when making that choice.