Benefits Of Photography Classes 

There are many benefits that come with taking the classes. 

These benefits include: 

Access to the best technology and equipment: to be competitive, most photography schools have world-class cameras, computers and studio equipment. When you attend the classes you will be able to access this equipment and master how to use them.


photography can be boring especially when you are unsure of the direction you want to take it. When you attend the classes you will meet people who have made it in the industry and you can emulate. You will also have the opportunity of meeting people who will guide you even after leaving the school. 

Professional certifications: 

do you dream of working with corporate entities? There is no company that will hire you if you don’t have the papers to show that you know your stuff. Once you are through with your classes you will get a certification that will aid in taking your career to another level. 


In addition to being exposed to people with similar dreams and ambitions, you will also get exposed to the different types of photography such as landscape, editorial, photojournalism, product, portrait, and architectural. You will also have an opportunity of trying out the different photography types and settle on the one that pleases you. 

Job placement: some colleges provide job placement opportunities to their students; therefore, you have higher chances of getting a job without looking for it. Almost all colleges have career counsellors who will help you in writing your resume, put together your portfolio, locate employment opportunities and prepare for job interviews 

There are many photography schools, colleges, and studios where you can take your photography classes. These institutions are run by very skilful people and are ready to make you a better photographer. However, at DLPHOTO we can offer you the best in photography lessons as well as a fully equipped studio, with all the gear and lighting at your disposal. 

Advantages of Shooting in a Shoot

You’ve been taking pictures on holiday and at family events but you feel its time to take things further and try your hand at studio photography. 

So what is the ‘advantage’ of shooting in a studio to shooting outside? In a studio, you will have full control of lighting and style. This is a great learning experience as you’ll get to experiment to your heart’s content. You’ll learn how light behaves as you’ll have full freedom to place them where you like. 

So what’s your motivation? Is it the challenge of interacting and directing models or the satisfaction of creating images and not just capturing them? 

Whatever the reason, it requires a different kind of workflow than you may be used to. It may take you longer to prepare a shot than to actually take it. 

You’ll need to get familiar with the lighting equipment, and all the light modifiers that come with them. It’s a good idea to get up to speed handling off-camera flash before you take the plunge into full studio strobes. Next, you need to know the kind of backdrops that works best with your subject. If the colour is too similar they’ll blend into the background.  

If you’re working with a model, the wardrobe and make-up can make or break the shoot, so this has to be selected carefully. This could mean working with stylist and hairdressers to craft the right look. 

While shooting, you’ll need to have an idea of which model poses to use and how to communicate them to your subject… And that, as they say, is another subject.

At the end of the photographic-day, attending photography classes will enhance your skills so you’re able to shoot in a photography studio and utilise all that this space has to offer!