Photography is timeless

Thanks to the rewards of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we are able to visually express feelings and emotions, as well as freeze time and promote celebrations between family and friends. This is achieved through photography, the visual impact that unleashes sentiment and builds memories and relationships. For globally spread families, photography gives license to newborns developing into college graduates, and alike, college graduates into parents. To take on the role as a “the photographer’, capturing and sharing these moments, is something special, and we all need a visual storyteller in our lives.

Photography liberates

As per Keith Haring… “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further”.

Photography records your voyage through life

As participants in society, we all portray a character which has a personality to tell a story. We all need to be heard in some form or another, in order to have “our seat: at the table, and again recognition for who we are and what we stand for in our moral outlooks in life. We like to be rewarded on our achievements, and congratulated on our successes. Helping to communicate this, lets us express and grow with confidence as people in society, whether it be in friendships or in business, socially or on a competitive level. As an avid photographer, hobbyist, it is helpful to understand the camera settings, as well as the lighting environment, when capturing that moment. Moments can never can never to repeated, as every moment is unique. Being able to catch this instant is a very satisfying encounter.

Photography inspires the Imagination

I believe, we all have an imagination and a need to live that creative expression that we hold precious and share only with people we are comfortable with in our surrounds. This is unfortunate, and can be easily be overcome by taking photographs and applying personal taste by stimulating those creative juices to your thoughts in order to be as critical as you need to be. A small tip…look at what you audience will see, as photographs are more than just entertainment and can eventually become your bread and butter, as well as your passion. There is definitely someone who will appreciate this creativity, as photography is very subjective. So, don’t let anything stop you or hold you back, become committed to your role as a photographer in order to reach your high.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”. Edgar Degas

Turning your passion in Photography to a career

Of course, this is possible. The truth has revealed itself over time that believing in a dream is possible and can be achieved by all. The same applies to photography. Loving what you do is everything, in fact this is one of life most overlooked facts. One of the added bonuses of being a photographer is that you get better with age as your experience manifests. There is no age cut off for photographers, unlike in most other careers. Every moment is an experience and a learning curve, across all genres.

“Every viewer is going to get a different thing. That’s the thing about painting, photography, cinema” David Lynch

Photography opens doors

Having a camera in your hand keeps you ahead of the pack. It is the motivator to curiosity and discovery that will lead you to new places, experiences, and in essence to building relationships with new people. As a role player, you are in command of this destiny.