The truth is that being yourself is one of the keys to being confident and engaging on camera. Being natural requires you to practice until it feels like the camera isn’t there, while maintaining an awareness of where the camera is so you can engage with it and reach the eyes of your viewers.

Public speaking coach Alexa Fischer is a pro at helping people act comfortably and with confidence – an important skill for everyone from models to CEOs. In a recent article, she gave her three tips for when you find yourself in front of a camera:

1. Do mirror work before the shoot. High-performance athletes do this, and you can to. Take two minutes at a time to just be with yourself in the mirror. Look into your own eyes and be present. Add a little affirmation here, either in your head or out-loud, and mirror work can really increase your confidence in spades.

2. Remember eye contact. The lens is your connection to the viewer. Train yourself to focus there, and it will create the sensation of eye contact for your audience.

3. Don’t do a million takes. Sure, you should rehearse and practice. But if you have perfectionist tendencies, you can’t do 20 takes – it’s too much to sift through at the end when you need to edit, and it will be exhausting for your editor. Keep it fresh and move on.

For more advice from Alexa Fischer, check out her YouTube. She also offers online courses.