Opening the mind during lockdown in South Africa

As one of the many South Africans living in this time of uncertainty, I am most fortunate to be residing in the Cape Town City Bowl area. As per the most recent Government Gazette published online, (level 4 regulations), we have this choice to exercise between 6am – 9am daily, as long as one abides to social distancing, common respect and the presence of a facial mask application, for all to adhere.

As the CBD is set within a 5km walking radius, one can absorb the architecture, past and present, as well as parks, bridges and canals, normally neglected in ones daily routine of driving from point A to point B during this time of day.

As a photographer we are spoilt from all fronts, no traffic, very little foot traffic and the most perfect lighting conditions. As most photographers know, the best light to shoot outdoors is early morning or around sunset. This is better known as “the golden hour”. As a photographer, I am grateful for this time period, where I am able to be outdoors, capturing the vistas, reflections and the flora and fauna all around me while I get my daily bout of exercise.

Again, it is during this time, that as a professional photographer and educator, it is important to think “out the box”, as we are challenged by the methods in which we run our business.

DLPHOTO in the past, has provided a 121 Know Your Camera Workshop to individuals and avid beginner photographers wishing to understand the key features and functions of their cameras in order to deliver positive results from their photographs. To date, this 2 hour workshop has been conducted in a Studio environment.

It is a time for change, and to acclimate to what is occurring around South Africa, given the 6 – 9am outdoor exercise period, to take this workshop outdoors, to share this knowledge with keen hobbyists and others looking to photography as a career start or a creative lease on life.

Take advantage of knowing your camera while in lockdown and use your time constructively

Not only do more people, city dwellers in this case, need the time to appreciate the fresh air during their daily walk, but coupled with an outdoor photography workshop, to enhance this experience, is the perfect win-win for beginner photographers to gain the knowledge and practical understandings of the camera during this time.

Learning how the functions work on the camera is just the start. The fun begins when these functions are unleashed to the creative mind. Being in an outdoor scenario, the perfect scenes display opportunities to enhance flow and movement by understanding composition, focal points and depth of field, just to mention a few. Let me not exclude the most important factor, light. Understanding and being able to read light will open doors, as lighting is everything.

Personal advice

My outlook has changed on the values I hold dear in life like many others in this world who are experiencing uncertainties and whose lives have been turned upside down. Weighted more towards lifestyle than monetary wealth, it is a blessing to do what you are passionate about and be able to share this experience to enlighten the life of other like-minded creative people to discover and explore their talents.