Overview and advantages of a smart phone device as a Camera

We are all aware that in todays world the smartphone has become an intricate part of our everyday life. A big part of this relates to the camera and the editing apps accompanying this device. As a camera, it provides a tool to take that photo with ease and convenience. There are no manual settings to concern oneself with, nor does one have to lug around large and sometimes cumbersome camera gear. Well this certainly makes sense to the average person whose goal is to capture that moment. The smart phone is the ideal device for candid or travel like images and perhaps a bit of blogging on the side, provided the lighting and setting is perfect. Please understand that by no means will the smartphone ever compete with a DSLR for quality and image resolution. There are many technical facts like processors, sensor sizes and hardware that explain this, not to mention the lens and the glass quality of the DSLR ranges, in comparison to the mobile smart phone device. This all makes a huge difference at the end of the day, but as I briefly mentioned, it all boils down to your needs and purposes. The smart phone is just a main stream option that the majority of mobile uses make use of to capture images for their online albums and platforms, and ultimately save to the cloud.

The smartphone user has dominated the market and yes taken majority share. Everyone now has the luxury of a camera without the additional expense of purchasing an actual DSLR or compact camera. No one ever expected this, nor the fact that editing was free, fun and easy. Today, we are seeing great images on the likes of Instagram and Facebook of food, landscape and nature, and a growing increase of product for e commerce, to mention a few.

The big differences we are not informed about

What you are not informed about, are the true facts and limitations of your what you get from your mobile camera. Advertisers, like in very industry fail to disclose all the facts, focusing more on your expectations and what you want to hear. There is a lack of transparency, as all manufacturers strive to increase market share, they tend to be vague on the actual facts and more general in an overall way. Unfortunately, this is the reason the mass market has been brainwashed into believing that the smart phone camera has basically replaced the DSLR. So time that one realised, the smart phone is a great point and shoot option, and that’s it.

To conclude, I am not ditching the smartphone as an excellent tool for capturing great images, but rather to help make you aware that the DSLR is a totally different beast, designed for a particular target market. I am also an avid user of the smartphone as a camera, and yes, the technology is improving all the time. The DSLR is far from dead, in fact, more and more money and time is being invested in researching new technologies to improve quality speed and resolution for the more disciplined photographer.