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Online photography courses and workshops from Beginner to Pro, learn all the camera settings, the secrets to lighting and flash and editing and post production

Frustrated not being in control of your camera settings?

You might have attempted trying to make some sense of the instruction manual in the box, but failed in all regards with your patience and all the technical back and forth instruction. This is so irritating, but the story of most people attempting to develop and get a grip on their photography. This is your ticket to a creative and fulfilling hobby, or as a foundation to a career in photography.

This is DEFINITELY you, right! Register online for our KNOW YOUR CAMERA WORKSHOP.

We cover the following:

  • getting your exposure right – understanding the fundamentals – ISO shutter speed and aperture
  • controlling the focal points, making sure that the camera focuses on what you want to be sharp and what you want to be soft in your photograph
  • controlling depth-of-field with the aperture
  • no more noisy, grainy images
  • how to use your light metre on your camera, to ensure your images are exposed correctly
  • understand your lenses: their purposes and uses, as well as all the f- stops and lens settings
  • relevant settings and functions of your camera – where to find them and how they work together with ease – 99% concentration on the subject, 1% on camera settings – guaranteed after this workshop

….YES, we should really get together.

I have been training people for over 9 years, so I understand your frustration and am able to answer all your questions as to how to shoot in MANUAL and understand and use all the functions to take better pictures on your camera.

The ability to capture great and rewarding shots that are crisp and sharp, of your family, your holidays or your pet/s. Better to take 20 great images, than 100 bad ones of the same thing.


Courses can be booked though the DLPHOTO.CO.ZA website contact page at the following address link:

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  • This will serve as confirmation and secure your place.

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