There is nothing quite like a tailor-made photographic tour in the countryside, with a team of friends, where you will learn basic to advanced techniques, which are tailor-made to your skill level. You want to be able to take those spectacular photos, so that you can boast on your social media sites, no matter what level you are at in photography. Do yourself a favour, and indulge in that course that you have so long wanted to do with your mates, or come as a couple if you like?


Now that overseas travel is so restricted, go and explore the diverse vistas of your own country, and appreciate the beauty that lies within our own borders. You will be astonished to realise what Africa has to offer, and the penetrating beauty which lies right on our doorstep.

Riebeek Kasteel – A Scenic Top of List Location

The Riebeek Valley if you don’t already know sits at the foot of the Kasteelberg. This is only an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. The jaw-dropping beauty of the valley is covered in vineyards and olive groves, and these nestle the twin towns of Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel. The Riebeek Valley falls within the Swartland Region. Why not invest in this experience as it is a customised Riebeek Kasteel Photographic Tour. Treat yourself in order to enjoy the freshest air, and to experience an array of quaint restaurants and shops, mind boggling architecture that will leave you utterly astonished.

What is on offer and to expect

Each season in this picturesque village offers something truly spectacular.

You will be able to produce a range of images from landscapes, to the endless rows of vineyards and mountain vistas, the colourful details and textures, and the ageing wine barrels in the cellars. Learn to identify great wine from palate tastings around the quirky settings, as well as indulging in the lifestyle stories of the workers in the vineyards, as they harvest the grapes from dawn. The intention is to find the best spots to shoot, and get pointers and tips to bring your photography to the next level. 

The key to creating a visually compelling landscape lies in your ability to understand and utilise light and composition in order to draw your viewer’s eyes into the scene. Finding such an informative and practical tour, you will learn how to craft your landscape images using and understanding the correct techniques and photographic disciplines of landscape photography; but more than this; you will also learn the importance of crafting your landscape image in-camera, by paying particular attention to light, and the way in which you frame and compose the scene and create the mood intended.

Believe me, once you are out in the country, you will easily forget about the daily grind of the pandemic routine, with all the necessary restrictions. 

Who is offering this Experience

Here I will be running a series of weekday outdoor tours during the month of June through to the summer months.

As a professional outdoor landscape photographer and an ardent lover of the country life, I have been inspired to provide and establish personalized smaller outdoor group photographic tours and workshops which allow for greater attention where you will gain more experience and have excitement on a transparent social level from beginner to  pro photographers. This is a place to meet like-minded friends and learn about each other’s skills and interests.

What we will offer will include:

  • Best lighting conditions for landscapes – lifestyle cultures of the locals and local architecture
  • Composition and general techniques in shooting outdoor and architecture
  • What is essentially the right time of day to get that best shot
  • What equipment and camera gear is required before you set off on this tour – Did you pack a wide angle lens and an everyday portrait lens, a must for the outdoors
  • Tripods are most useful for landscapes and architecture shots. Especially in the golden hours and in in shady or low light conditions as well as for those photographers striving to achieve Depth of field (DOP) with the correct Kelvins and temperatures (AWB).
  • Don’t forget your laptop and charger and card…


My goal since moving to the country, is too afford such opportunities to engage with the locals and discover and explore the areas cultural diversity and her physical beauty through photography. Let the weather be your best friend throughout all the seasons, where the buildings can stand proud and allow you to have the historic architecture illuminate itself with the soft diffused light washing  over the buildings. The photographic tours will take place in the paths less travelled, as we will be in search of unique images. Most people come to Riebeek or the countryside to shoot the similar images that many of the other photographers have already taken, but we intend to have you take home images that have never been seen! The goal is to challenge you to discover new and interesting shooting locations and compositions that you may not find on your own and that meet your taste, style and signature.

These are some of the places that you might like to stay in Riebeek Kasteel, during your visit. BTW, there are countless others that I have not mentioned here that are equally as charming and picturesque that you could try. 

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