As a Capetonian, living through the restrictions and challenges that have been forced upon us during this time, I am starting to notice that people have started making an effort to discover the beauty and sites that the Western Cape has to share, the province renowned as South Africa’s prime travel destination for both the local and international market alike.

Now, after 150 plus days of basic “solitary”, we are able to hop in the car, and get out of town for the weekend. Tourism is slowly becoming active through the likes of “out in the country guest houses” and B&B style accommodation, offering attractive discounts in an attempt to make up for lost time and income.

What Cape Town offers to the photographer

The Western Cape is also known as a place of four seasons in one day. We are about to shift from a wet and cold winter into the month of spring, while at present, we are still experiencing heavy rainfall and snow on many of our mountains and outlying farming areas.

Recently, I wrote a blog about taking photos in the rain, the colors and the abstract opportunities for both day and night photography. I am excited that we will be moving into spring, as this again is a really beautiful time of year to charge one’s camera and get busy and creative.

I have grouped together what I believe is a nice mix for photographers. I hope you will find your genre and use your time constructively in this regard.

Landscape and flora opportunities to photograph

As we are aware, after the rain comes the cloud formations, coupled with beautiful light. Light is amazing, as taking advantage of good light provides opportunity to capture great moods for landscape photography. Providing not only depth and dimension, light contributes to color formation and abstract deliverance for the photographer. With spring, we welcome the mist, and use this to achieve those minimal vista shots like a farm worker in the fields, or a lonely cow grazing in the fields, I am sure you get my drift. Take advantage of landscape, as this is your season as a photographer.

For those that know the Western Cape, we also have the flowers which have actually started to bloom in areas like Darling. You have no excuse not to go and visit this place and to make a day of it. Be sure to catch some lunch and a pint at their brewery. For both the macro and the landscape photographer alike, you will be welcomed by the psychedelic experience of color and shapes to keep you active for the day.

Wildlife and fauna opportunities to photograph

For the photographer who is more aroused to capture and explore wildlife and reportage, this is your time too. Like us, animals have been in hibernation over the winter period, and are now poking their heads out as well as showing off their new families to the outside world. From the birdlife to the squirrels, the lands are alive with activity and positive energy, something we all need to feel and experience, and trust me, being out there will make this possible.

Newbies and those interested in photography and wanting to be a part of this experience…

There are many out there who enjoy a day out in the country, and appreciate great moments captured, but lack the knowledge and photographic experience. 

I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this precious time, and attend a short workshop on how your camera works, so you are able to apply your creative skills and have some outdoor fun. 

Alternatively, you might wish to attend a days photography tour, to a location of choice, where you will receive personal and practical advise and guidance to ensure you capture the shots you desire. These tours are both social, as well as enjoyable, as they are tailored around your personality and knowledge in photography.


So, charge your camera, google your route, and plan your journey