Receive our full comprehensive course package modules and solutions, for anyone interested in photography as a hobby or a career. Compiled to take you through the basics of shooting in manual for all shooting conditions, understanding the importance of good lighting to get the perfect image, to mastering the flash, both in studio as well as outdoors.


All photography secrets and tips that make your understanding and learning experience simple and enjoyable, written in a simple and easy to understand way, so a total beginner can become a pro. Our combined content has be prepared specifically for our courses and workshops, taking our 12 years teaching experience to hand, insuring that everything is clear and visually informative from the start.

Match your interests with a personalized 121 focus on any of the modules tailored to your photography interests and requirements at a time to suit you. We offer flexible times to fit your schedule, making use of ZOOM as a visual platform.


The Benefits of a Photography Consultation

From : R1600

Choose a suitable modules or topic and master all the manual features of the camera, lighting setups , as well as genre specific editing skills in one free consultation within your own space, no need to spend time travelling or commuting to and from our studio when you are live and learning in real time with practical participation and tuition.

Our goal is to be a virtual incubator, providing a tailored 121 photographic package that educates entry-level photographers with a well-rounded photographic skill-set, able to perform at a professional level. Ideal for those interested in pursuing photography as a hobby or career. Our notes have been carefully structured in a simple and logical manner to ensure even the most entry level individual will understand. Written in a simple and clear with 12 years on hand training experience in this field.

Our one hour consultation will provide a clear understanding of the concepts and techniques commanded on a personal level to meet your needs to ensure all areas are understood to personal interest.

Not only do you have the advantage of saving time by learning in your own home, but you now have the flexibility to select an area that is apart of our more endorsed and popular Beginner to Pro 4 session course at a huge saving to you, along with a full training manual fo all the tips and practical advice to take you to that next level.


    Session 1 – Know Your Camera

    A practical introduction to taking great photos. Learn how to use your digital camera in manual like a pro, and understand aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Discover the art of composition, and basic flash and lighting techniques typically at play in street and travel photography.
    Free 1 hour session

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    Session 2 – Flash & Lighting

    Learn how to work with light and the Speedlite flash to create effects of your design. This class is practical and hands on, with a full range of studio lighting equipment to let you explore the depth of flash photography.
    Free one-hour session

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    Have the opportunity to make a clear choice once you have completed the training manual, to focus on an area that ticks your boxes and opens up your world to photography. Let us know how we can make this possible, and let us show yo how.
    Free one-hour session

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    Become a Photographer

    R 300.00 for our full training manual, plus a one hour free 121 consultation tailored to your needs to the value of R1 600.00.

    Schedule your consultation in your own time, by appointment.

    Our goal is to take you from learning how to use your camera to having a full understanding of what makes a good photo all the way through to advanced creative techniques. To ensure you get the most out of this consultation, your mentor will be David Lazarus, owner of DLPHOTO, an established professional photographer and trainer. No other photography course offers the depth of content plus a one-on-one type of environment and individual attention that you will receive from us. Whether you just want to do photography for fun, or you want to pursue becoming a professional photographer as a career, this is a great opportunity for you.