Reasons why photographing buildings is profitable

Real estate is one of the top prime investments today, so long as bricks cost money there is a market of buyers out there who wish to invest. Let’s face it, we all need a place to live, or a shop to trade from or an office or factory to manufacture. All the above require estate agents or some that have a knack for direct selling, to market the property to a new owner. There are some very wealthy agents out there that have made some really good sales. My one question is what was the first thing that attracted the buyer’s attention?

Why great photographs create the hype and help build the client base

It all starts off with a great photograph. An image that is captured well and represents the property in it best light and form, is what initially will attract the attention of the buyer to start reading the details in the advert. As most online wholesalers, retailers and those involved in the service and entertainment industry will tell you, it is always about a great image on the website that will convert a visitor into a buyer. A simple example is when you are looking at Airbnb, you look at the pictures first to see if they meet your expectations and requirements, and then read the reviews, the same applies to pictures of the food on a restaurant menu.

Shooting property is Simple

So long as you have a creative eye and understand the meaning of composition and styling, the rest is easy. Of course, without mention, you need to be professional, passionate about what you do, and be able to listen to the brief from your client or agent that is hiring you as part of the package.

If you take a lot of photographs and people compliment you, you have an eye, there is no doubt in that, so then the rest is up to you. Firstly, learn how to use a camera and understand and get accustomed to the settings. Lighting is key in all genres of photography, especially where time of day play a role in the outcome of the shot. Shooting in so called “bad or compromising light” must be avoided if possible. Remember, you are the photographer, so you call the shots as the “professional” in this department. But no need to worry, there are ways photographers use to take away the stress. Exposure also will play a major part, especially when the light is completely unbalanced, an example would be shooting from inside a room out towards the ocean.

Why Real Estate photography is an affordable profession to follow

You might think, WoW, how am I supposed to know all this, well, like everyone else there is a such a thing as Google, or if you have more time and a budget, you can attend a short photography course or workshop tailored to your needs. This way you will learn the right way fast, build the confidence you need, and be able to make the best decisions in choosing the right camera gear for your profession. One might believe that camera gear is costly, but if you want to work for yourself, be your own boss, and write your own salary, the price is small. There are very few businesses that you can start up in this budget, employ no staff, and have very few overheads and expenses to worry about. If you enjoy travelling, this profession allows this… so stop thinking and start doing.

So, what is this all going to cost

Attending a short course or workshop is all you need, remember, it is about your work, not the qualifications that the client is interested in. The emphasis here is “short” I would say a month-long course, part time, that is hands on and specific to the trade is adequate. This will not set you back too much. Thereafter, you will have a foundation and some experience to start building a portfolio of work before stating to market yourself. Not quite yet… there is the camera gear, again, photography is all about quality not quantity. You will be advised by your lecturer as to what suits you best in terms of budget that will meet your needs, either preowned or new. Don’t by pass the thought of pre-owned gear, there are some really great bargains to be had, obviously approached in a way that does not jeopardise your safety… meet in a camera shop is a great way to have the camera gear assessed, this normally works for me.


Now do some research on the marketing side, or refer to one of my marketing blogs or photography courses that I offer that will take you from beginner to pro and you will definitely be ready to take on this new and rewarding career.