Black Friday has always created a hype for making sales. It is a way for the retailers to sell outdated or old stock at a discounted prices in order to clear the shelves for the latest ranges… That being said, there are also many genuine deals to be had. So, my suggestion, is keep those eyes and ears peeled for that real deal. When looking to start out as a photographer, it is not always clear as to what you need to buy. The fact is, it is overwhelming and causes much anxiety. There are so many makes and brands on the market that seem to be “right for you”, but which one is “actually perfect” for your needs and intentions. The sales person says one thing, your friend tells you something else, and the advert is again completely deferent, or a combination of what you have already heard.

Start by investigating and researching exactly what you want, what you need, and what you can afford, before looking at the Black Friday deals. That way we have direction with a single task of finding the camera and the lenses on that list of yours. Never settle for second choice, you will inevitably regret it.

My second suggestion is that you attend a short workshop on how cameras work. There are many short workshops that will not only provided cameras, but identify what best suits for your needs. This would be the most affordable and sensible decision. For those that are starting out, one thing I strongly advise is to avoid “the entry level camera kit specials” on offer. They are a complete waste of your money. Your potential and dream to becoming a better photographer will definitely not happen. Don’t be sold on the fact that you get a few lenses, a body and a bag for a super good price… you are buying absolute junk. I have been teaching photography for more than 10 years, please believe me when I tell you this, no matter what the brand or how persuasive the sales person, it is not a good deal.

Rather look towards a mid-range option like a Canon 850D, or if the budget permits the canon 90D. I would recommend Canon if you are expecting a well-built body with great hardware components and navigation. These are 2 models that i have mentioned will work for entry level photographers, intermediate and even pro level photographers. The camera is strong and the technology is good. These 2 options will not break the bank either.

Depending on what you are planning to photograph, you will need to ensure you buy the best and most suitable lens. Each lens has a different range and use, so if on a budget, look out for something with versatility that will meet your needs. Something with decent glass. The glass is the most important part of a lens. It is the glass that makes the shot. Basically, understand the lens is more important than the camera body. A great starter lens with good range for everyday photography would be the Canon 18-135mm. It is well priced and would do most jobs well, thereafter, for the more pro photographer intending to upgrade, consider the Canon 24-70mm, f2.8, but realise this is a keeper and will not disappoint.


I trust the advice that I have provided will assist you on Black Friday to make the best choices.