As a photographer myself, I am fully aware of the frustration that I encounter as I chat to other photographers and stay updated with the latest tech and photography gear that is being introduced to the market daily. The bottom line is that we all need to be aware that newer is not always better, and that we need to focus on what we photograph and what we require to get the best results. People are often blinded by consumerism and the adverts that are thrown in their faces as they keep updated on the trends and what is out here to be had. All this costs money and often the return is zero, in fact often the buy is an impulsive one.

Use Black Friday to find the Deals

Tomorrow is “Black Friday” and is often a great place to start when you are looking for new camera gear. For those that have been researching and saving, this might be the light at the end of your tunnel and you might be in luck. Remember that there are many retailers pushing their deals and likewise potential buyers hunting down the best prices, so act fast if you want to be part of the action. Just be aware, that it is normally the last of a range that is on sale, or a newer model is about to replace it. Again, you need to realize that there is always something newer that you don’t have, it is weather what you are planning to buy is necessary and meet your needs. Photography gear is expensive, so buy wisely. Remember that the lens is key, so make sure that you know what you are buying, the body comes next and so on after that with the rest of the kit.

Online retail platforms for buying camera gear

My advice is to be aware of scammers. Anyone can set up a site that looks official, scammers are not stupid, this is how they make money, so do your homework by doing a Google search and read their reviews from other customers. Also find them on the like of Facebook and like-minded groups to assess their profiles. You will be very surprised what you might find and grateful that you spent this time doing some “PI work”. Regarding the more established online traders, all should be in order. Read their terms and conditions very carefully and make sure you understand everything. Another important thing is availability of stock, don’t buy and pay for something that is out of stock… this is just throwing your money away, find a reputable retailer that has the stock on hand, understand the payment and security gateway, as well as the delivery terms and costs that are involved in the transaction. Often the buyer ends up paying a large sum on delivery after taxes and customs that are not disclosed upfront a clear and bold manner by the seller.

Using the classifieds for pre-owned Deals

Often this is the way we go to cash in deals that we cannot afford to buy brand new. There are many great deals to be had if you are disciplined to scope the classifieds daily and act immediately. Many sellers are either leaving “the fold”, or they might be upgrading to newer more advanced models in bodies, lenses and lighting etc. The only downside is condition and the safety factors that you need to consider. It is best to have someone that is knowledgeable either accompany you to “test the goods”, or have the seller meet you at a reputable camera shop so they can check out the camera gear in question. This will at least put your mind at rest in terms of the condition. From a safety point, meet the seller at a common and public location, best would be a camera shop and don’t carry cash, you can always do an online payment if you are happy with the deal. This would also be the same if selling your preowned gear, there are a lot of scammers around, so be streetwise and don’t be afraid to state your terms and conditions prior to the sale.