When you are requiring the services of a professional photographer, it may be a little daunting as you have to make a choice and only have one chance to do this. As many of you out there know very little about photography, or perhaps who or how to find the most suitable candidate for the job, I am going to assist you in making a well called decision. As a professional photographer myself, with many years of experience and many very happy clients, I am going to shed some light on this subject as to what questions you need to ask in your elimination process to finding the best photographer for the job. Most Photographers have style, make sure its what you wanting

Photographers generally have a genre that they specialise in, so make sure you find the photographer that meets your criteria and nature of your brief. Not to say, there are some exceptional photographers specialising in various genres such as events, weddings and functions, portraiture, product photography and the likes…

View portfolio and Instagram accounts

Pictures speak louder than words… so whatever you might have been told, I suggest that you make a good look and spend some time on each photographer’s portfolio or gallery, as well as their Instagram account before you make the final call. Communication is best left to the client and their visual interpretation of the photographers’ images and the ability to meet their needs. A good photographer knows how to listen and deliver to brief.

Google and client reviews

Take the time to do your homework and conduct a background check to see what others say… and how the ratings look. Reviews and endorsements normally spell the truth and are normally on Google reviews or on the photographers’ website. Remember that each client has a different taste, so get a feel reading a few of the comments before you make a final decision.

Read the rates and terms carefully

  • The rates and payment terms need to be clear and discussed and agreed upon up front. Many things can go sour when it comes to money, so be sure of what is required.
  • It is also important to assess the rates and packages of your potential photographer of choice is competitive and aligned with other photographers in your selection process. Prices can and do vary according to experience and popularity of the photographer.
  • Ask about turnaround times, as you will need a clear answer as when to expect delivery, as well as the format or form you are expecting your images, either in digital or in print.
  • Cancellations and refunds need to be confirmed upfront and disclosed in writing. There might be a hiccup and this is often a “grey area” that protects both parties that needs clarity. Know your rights… just in case.

Personality counts

When you are making your decision, take note of the way the conversation and the mood flows. You will feel which way to go ad how comfortable you feel while conversing. The decision should come naturally, go with your gut, it normally works out the best. I hope this article has provided some pointers for you to follow when choosing a photographer, all the best…