Benefits of a concise brief to a Photographer

Detail is key when you are in charge of organising any form of professional photoshoot, knowing how to write a photography brief is critical, and it’s essential that the photographer knows exactly what it is that you will require. it is essential that you place attention to detail in every thought of the process. There are many prerequisites that the photographer needs to be aware of and understand to ensure the planning process is properly covered for the shoot. The last thing anyone needs is a hi-cup, especially as photoshoots normally involve medium to high budgets and sometimes a team of people.

A sound brief becomes the “running of events” as it were for the entire shoot.

Each brief will vary depending on the shoot – as in commercial and lifestyle photography would vary from product photography, or again, professional portrait and headshot photography for individual corporate profiles and business teams. Should you be renting a studio for your photo or video requirements, insure that you cover all your requirements in the brief upfront, again another list to avoid being caught off guard while paying for studio rental, staff and your setup.

In all of this, key to a successful execution, is utilising the services of a professional photographer with experience. This would be your best option if you want total control and certainty of visual outputs. Working with someone capable, that you trust can deliver to the brief important and not to mention less stressful.

Points to briefing a photographer for a Corporate photoshoot:

  • The exact location and the lighting for the time of the event
  • Models, cast and extras to be used as well as their contact details
  • Creative elements, such as props and backgrounds which will assist in providing direction to insure quality of the final results are met
  • The exact quantity of images you are expecting from the shoot as well as the format of the images
  • Delivery deadlines need to be discussed upfront

The client would also need to provide clear background information and the key reasons for a photography assignment as the look and feel will need to be aligned with the shoot It’s best for the photographer to fully understand your ideas, expectations and what you are trying to achieve with the images (objectives). This will also assist the photographer in terms of gear, lenses and lighting is required for the shoot. These are crucial to the planning process, as each lens, and each light serves a different purpose. It is just like electrician having a screw driver to change a plug and not a hammer on-hand.

Within your brief, you can show your photographer some other images you like (image boards) or any other creative inspiration from the likes of Pinterest. A well-crafted creative photography brief should help your photographer deliver extraordinary work with no hassle, at the right time and on budget.

Points to briefing a photographer for an Event photoshoot:

  • Date and time of the shoot
  • Location and pin
  • Numbers of guests, subjects or products
  • Duration of shoot
  • Output format
  • Usage
  • Mood boards with examples of what is expected
  • Shot list
  • Attire and code