Outdoor photography tours and workshops in the Western Cape are out there waiting to you. Take action and use your weekends and days off constructively, while having fun discovering the scenic gems that are on your doorstep that the Western Cape have to offer.

Choose a day and commit, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, each day leading to that big day will be in your mind as to what to the unexpected has planned for you. So, if you are interested in getting out, seeing the beauty, and learning how to use your camera to capture great pictures, this is your chance. The cost, well, if you compare it to a day out in the country with a good lunch and a few drinks, it is pretty similar in price, except this is a little different and something that remains with you ever after. You never know, perhaps you will end up spending more quality time behind the lens taking day trips with friends to the places you had never imagined.

I initially started my growing interest in photography this way. I would plan a day trip, or a weekend away, and scope and research the different genres I wanted to capture and explore from the local communities in the small towns I passed through, to the vast landscapes and visual architecture that came my way. No rush, rust the freedom and pleasantness of fresh air and openness. This I found to be something truly rewarding and necessary when living the existence we are accustomed too in the day to day grime of politics, work and pressure.

What is in it for you?

Enjoy the day

We are in the month of spring, which means colors, flowers and warmer weather. The days are longer, as the sun starts rising earlier in the morning. As a photographer, you should now that the golden hour is the best time of the day to be outdoors shooting. The light is at its best… Thereafter, go and treat yourself to a well-deserved breakfast on the way to your next destination and chat about what lies ahead .

Enrolling for a small and personalized photography tour has its benefits.

You get to see places that you have never been to before. Explore and capture these locations and experiences through the eye of a photographer. Consider this as a wonderful opportunity, gifted to view and experience these hidden gems and simultaneously learn how to capture and improve your photography.

Learning the features & settings of your camera

There is never a moment the repeats itself in the same way, so capture it. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, understand the features and the settings of your camera, as well as the importance how to interpret  light and composition.

There are so many people with cameras who initially had dreams and intentions for recreation, these cameras sadly spend their life gathering dust on the shelf. Come on guys… there is no excuse not to have a good day and live that dream, not without mention that you are capturing images in an environment that is precious to you.

Meet people and socialize

Having been restricted to lockdown for so long, communication, as well as social engagement has been irritatingly limited to indoor online communication options over a cup of tea. This is not real. Take the time out with a group of like-minded friends and book a photographic tour, catch up and have fun in a transparent and comfortable easy going surrounding.

I trust after reading this short article, I have at least got you thinking, better still, you have the camera battery on charge.