Visiting a new place can sometimes be daunting, especially relying on the media and travel platforms, all providing different opinions of why and why not. Do your homework as best you can and join travel groups on line that are reputable and stand true by their reviews. In short, I can truthfully add, that South Africa, and I refer to The Cape Peninsula in particular, as a place of beauty that cannot be matched. Like all countries in the world, there are problems, but if you are looking for an affordable holiday and wish to explore the art, taste great food and experience culture, along with the world famous coastline, the scenic beauty of the mountains and the landscape, this is the place that should be first on the bucket list.

As a resident and professional photographer residing in “The Cape” , I decided to diversify my business to the tourism sector, combining my teaching skills with my knowledge as a professional photographer. I am normally the one travelling around the world on photography assignments, now I am the one entertaining the travellers who wish to embark on an immersive experience with a combined mix of travel and photography. My direction is based on my experience, as the owner and teacher at DLPHOTO over the past 14 years, where I have proved that the best form of communication is to insure the person is content and relaxed. Dedicating personal attention and listening to what the person is asking is the most effective way of understanding ones needs and character. Add a little humour and lots of patience while keeping the lesson practical and simple has always worked for me as my reviews speak out loudly on google.

I have always believed in striving for what makes me happy in life, and the rest will follow. There have been doubts and challenges along the way, but I can promise you, believing in yourself is your strength and is the only way to succeed and achieve your goals. Having diversified in this direction, I have found pleasure in learning from the people that I have met along the way. Funnily enough, many of those people who have been on a course with me, or on a getaway outdoor tour have returned home with new friendships. Offering an informal approach into the 3 main areas that I am passionate about, photography, parting knowledge with like-minded people while learning about them, and travelling, I’ll say it again, being “the poster boy” for Cape Town and its surrounds is something that I am blessed to be of my journey.

There are many tour guides and photographers alike out there offering their services, but I believe the recipe is to provide a synergy and to attract like-minded people to learn and share accordingly. It is often the case that many of the visitors who participate in one of the flexible tour options, are alone and have an opportunity to improve and learn new photography tips and secrets to take with them while their partners are doing something else that interests them. As a photographer, I have been in situations where the spouse has been present and only present for support, this is not something that I recommend. I say let this be your time… a time to feed your passion and see and experience what interests you.

I have added a link to new tours and getaway deals that I believe you might be interested in and find useful to share. I would also love to hear from you either way should you be visiting and need your questions answered.