Many tourists visit Cape Town every year mostly for a common reason. Cape Town offers a wide mix of breath taking landscapes – both from a scenic perspective, as well as from the vast array of diverse architecture that surrounds the city and its surround. It is also the home to a large cultural scene, making it a haven for outdoor photography enthusiasts wishing to absorb the energy and the environment. Within the city itself, visitors are  greeted by the iconic Table Mountain, which was ranked in the fifth  wonders of nature of the world in 2023.

Just a few minutes’ further away is the Atlantic ocean, graced by blue waters and miles of white sand. Beaches on this strip boast high rankings in comparison to other beaches globally. Without exclusion, the colourful neighbourhood of the Bo-Kaap, referred to by locals as the Moslem Quarter, is definitely on most bucket lists to visit.

The outlying and surrounding areas offer a variety of landscapes, from famous and lush wine farms, to the rugged mountains of the Cape Peninsula. This is a place where you can expect four seasons in a day. The  lighting conditions provide a dynamic canvas for photographers to experiment with different techniques and styles and the “blue hour”, or the “golden hour” is normally very giving on time. The rich abundance of imagery, with its history, adds a depth to storytelling opportunities which can be synergised with great images.

As a Capetonian, for most of my life, and a professional photographer, I grabbed at this opportunity to become “the poster boy” of Cape Town. Being gifted in being in a position of sharing this vast beauty and the experiences that have impressed through the lens to our visitors. I have seen, smiles, open mouths and experienced much laughter and good banter from our guests that have attended my photography outdoor workshops.

The popularity of outdoor photography workshops in Cape Town stems likely from the combination of the above mentioned factors. Speaking from the heart, as a passionate photographer and teacher in this art, I believe not only to refine and help all improve on their technical photography skills in a relaxed and comfortable manner, but to have the chance to capture their emotions and get a feel of their interpretations. This is rewarding to me. It is all about what Cape Town and its surroundings have to offer. I believe it is like a “photographer’s paradise”.

How to find a the perfect outdoor photography workshop in Cape Town

Finding a great outdoor photography workshop in Cape Town is fairly simple. Being such a beautiful place and so highly ranked as a travel destination, opens doors to many travel guides and private outdoor workshops that will meet everyone’s tastes, Just Google, ask questions, and you will understand. Here are some tips to help you in this process:

  1. A simple start would be searching online for photography workshops in Cape Town. There are many websites, forums, and social media platforms with the information about upcoming workshops that you would be looking for. Make sure to read the reviews and testimonials. This will be insightful in making your choice, as well as what you want to see and capture.
  2. Join local photography groups in Cape Town, people are generally friendly and willing to respond. These communities provide excellent threads for recommendations, often from fellow photographers sharing their experiences with different workshops and places that they have visited.
  3. Another great contact is the photography schools in Cape Town. They often provide such workshops or can make suggestions based on your intentions. As a tip, make sure that the workshops are led by experienced instructors and cover a range of outdoor options and locations that you are interested in experiencing.
  4. Keep an eye open for photography festivals or events advertised in Cape Town, as they often include workshops and great guest speakers as part schedule. This is a great way to learn, but also to make connections with like-minded people, and even new friends to perhaps you out this and explore places.
  5. Look for instructors whose style and expertise align with what you want to learn. If you have any local photographers or have contacts who attended photography workshops in Cape Town, ask for their recommendations. Word of mouth is valuable in finding workshops that suit your preferences.

Make sure that the style in which the workshop is run offers the focus and style that aligns with your interests and goals. We are all about capturing different genres, let it be landscapes, street photography, or wildlife, Cape Town’s diverse offerings have something for everyone, so make sure you choose something that meets with your expectations.

What makes for a great outdoor workshop experience

This stretches beyond just capturing images. The quality, experience and the knowledge of instruction is important This is a workshop after all, so expect valuable insights, tips, and feedback that can improve your photography. This can solidify understanding and boost confidence in taking great photographs.

A practical, hands-on experience is essential as it allows one to apply what they’ve learned in “the real-world”. I believe from my experience, that smaller group sizes often lead to a more personalised experience. It allows for a better interaction between strangers and the instructor. It encourages confidence to ask questions more openly and for individualised feedback, and in a way, creating a sense of community. A positive and supportive learning environment is crucial and fosters a sense of encouragement, among all participants, and a willingness that creates an atmosphere conducive to learning. My aim is also to establish networking communities and new friends, as someone that loves people and what I do, I find this fulfilling and rewarding

Ultimately, a great outdoor photography workshop should leave you not just with beautiful images but with a deeper understanding of photography, what you can do with the craft, and the confidence to explore and create on your own. I hope this has been helpful. Now come and visit us in Cape Town.