Why studying photography in a group environment is best

Photography as a whole is a never ending process of learning. Each time you shoot something different, your setup changes, from your camera settings to the way you style your shoot. This is forever evolving due to trends and what is expected from the client. Keep updated and an eye on, it will aid you with the daily challenges that you will incur. This will shed light on the way you perceive and view the shoot, as to what is best to meet the  requirements of the client.

It is for this reason that working with like minded photographers and learning photography in a small group environment is advantageous, as it exposes new methods and ideas where all students share a common goal, to be a great photographer.

Some of the benefits of joining a photography group class:

  • Studying in a group and learning the way around your camera in different environments from studio shoot setups with controlled light to  shooting outdoor on location, will provide different methods of perfection that will not only prove to be faster, but result in a likewise conclusion. There are many ways to “skin the cat”.
  • One of the wonderful things about learning within a group surrounding, is that you share a common interest and have the opportunity of experimenting in different genres, and diversifying your knowledge with skill with confidence for what is thrown your way to shoot. Opening these doors will provide opportunities to secure briefs that would otherwise be foreign for taking on potential work from clients.
  • A good collaboration of avid students and an experienced mentor can inspire and bring out your creativity and confidence in dealing with people, which helps to enhance your passion, providing not only the theory, but advice, and practical applications that play a major role in becoming a photographer.
  • Being passionate and staying dedicated is easier to achieve as a group, where each person provides drive and motivation both socially, as well as in the work space, forcing one to persevere and practice to meet the standards of your colleagues and classmates.
  • All theory that is learned in class needs to be put into practice and this involves assistants, so what a perfect way to make use of those available in each of the outlined practical projects on hand. Competition puts a little pressure on one from colleagues which motivates you to work hard and bring out the best in you. When you receive feedback on your assignments, positive effort from your classmates is a plus in focusing on improving your weak points. Unity is strength as you all share the same goal.
  • Therefore, it is highly beneficial to enrol yourself in a photography class for your growth as an aspiring photographer and to meet and network through the connections you meet on your journey.
  • DLPHOTO  provides small hands on group courses, that are not only practically focused, but very interactive where all camera gear is provided on a monthly basis on Saturdays.