Reasons your Business needs to Rank on Google

We are all aware of how tough it is to maintain and run a successful business in today’s challenging world. The economy has taken a downward tumble through the likes of COVID – 19 and other related circumstances that have influenced supply, and demand as well as margins in most industries. Not to forget the huge impact it has had on the entertainment and food sectors.

Stepping up to the Mark

Business owners have realized that to survive they need to have a presence online, which means accessibility to their stores or online websites, and more importantly, they need to rank on the first page in order to receive enquiries to drive sales and build clients and databases. The tools and the expertise are out there, and the responsibility of the business owner is to adapt to this form of marketing. I am aware through my own experiences that all this technology might be above one’s head and that getting this into place is daunting and sounds like an absolute nightmare. Just because you don’t have the knowledge yourself to act on this, does not mean its impossible. Start asking questions and do your research for the right person, with the knowledge and the experience to assist with your online marketing strategy. It does not have to be an expensive experience, just be aware that if you don’t act soon, you will be left behind and pay the consequences when it is too late.

The Importance of Good Photography

Firstly, your content, mission and goals need to be outlined, but without forgetting that the consumer needs visual stimulation. Seeing the image is the first point of call before they read the content. The image is what drives the person to the product or services that are offered. A good example of this is when a restaurant has a great menu, but the images don’t depict the mood nor the flavor, so the business loses a potential sale. If the food looked appetizing, the restaurant may have attracted the client to dine at their establishment. Bottom line, your image needs to sell your product or the service that you are offering. It also needs to look better than that of your competitors. There are many restaurants that sell hamburgers, so make your hamburgers look the “juiciest” and best presented. This applies to anything you are selling. There are certain products that are tangible and others that are not, take this into consideration when planning the shot – list for what you want to display to your customer.

Choosing the Right Photographer for your Needs

Don’t always believe that you can take your own images with your mobile camera, or by purchasing a light tent for product will give you the result you see advertised by these brands. It does not always work, otherwise everyone would be using these tools and there would be no work for product photographers. The reason you pay a professional photographer is for their expertise and knowledge. A good product photographer, along with a good background in styling the shot will make all the difference and make your product stand out amongst the rest. A professional photographer knows about lighting and color temperature, as well as owns the tools, lenses and camera gear to achieve the best results. This is the reason photographers have invested in good camera gear and lenses and lighting to make this possible. Most important, remember that you have only one chance, when you go live online, you need good mages otherwise you have lost a potential client that will not come back to your site.

I am hoping that this article makes sense and that you take what I have said seriously. As a professional photographer, I have witnessed and been party to many of these bad experiences and disappointments from clients over the year. So once again, if you are not able to take photographs that you are proud of that represent your band, hire a professional, in the long run it is worth every cent spent and will save you hassles and duplication which will cost you more in the long run and potentially have a negative effect on your business.