In today's world image is everything, and nowhere is this more true than in business. As more and more companies shift from physical locations to online storefronts, their offerings need to be visible. And with modern consumers using the Internet to investigate any potential purchases or destination, and becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to visuals and marketing, the level of presentation required by businesses has reached an all-time high. This in turn has led to a rise in demand for product or catalogue photography.
72% of millennials research products online before visiting brick and mortar stores
Catalogue photography are photos of products used for advertising purposes - this can include fashion, cars, food, or everyday items. They need to present a clear visual of the product and its features in an appealing way to potential customers and, ideally, encouraging them to buy. A catalogue photography shoot requires a certain level of production and concept to produce images at an industry-standard and to resonate with the intended market. Often, theses images will be a mix of these two focuses: product or 'packshots' documenting the subject, and concept or lifestyle shots intended to emotionally appeal to consumers, showing how the product fits into the lifestyle they desire.
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Packshots with no backgrounds draw the eye – and sales records indicate they sell better, too.

Good photography drives sales, accurately conveying the experience customers will have with the product once it lands on their doorsteps. Size, color, fit and other product details that can be conveyed in high-quality product images help customers visualize themselves wearing or using the product in their own lives and emotionally connect with the items they purchase. If you're a business in the Cape Town area in the need of product photography for a print or online catalogue, contact DLPHOTO Studio today.