Running a small eCommerce business can be lucrative if done correctly, however there will always be certain tasks that you have neither the time nor the expertise to undertake. One of the more time consuming and specialised responsibilities for any eCommerce business owner is undoubtedly web photography

The Importance of Good Product Images

Great images bring your products to life and show your customers exactly what they’re purchasing. The quality of an image can often be the difference between potential buyers purchasing from you as opposed to your competition. With consumers becoming increasingly shrewd when it comes to buying online, the product images you provide are becoming more and more significant. Consumers are learning to question poor quality, pixelated images and can certainly be deterred from making a purchase if they feel there is a good reason not to trust an online store. This means that outsourcing web photography to a digital specialist is a wise move for any eCommerce business owner looking to convert casual browsers into hard sales.  

Why use a professional web photographer?

Professional web photographers have the ability and the expertise to take high-quality images and editing whilst also understanding what consumers want to see. They will understand the ins and outs of appropriate lighting, backgrounds and composition and will ensure that your products are photographed from every angle. This means that your customers have all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision and are much more likely to trust the images provided on your website.  

Time Savings 

Another benefit of using a professional web photographer is that they work quickly and efficiently. For those who have limited web photography knowledge, taking the perfect picture could take hours. It’s no surprise that for most eCommerce business owners, the idea of spending hours or even days taking good quality product images is unrealistic. The time savings made by outsourcing web photography would certainly be invaluable to many small eCommerce business owners. 

Cost Savings 

Outsourcing the creation of your product images could lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Imagine the initial costs included in photographing your own products. A superior camera would be essential, as would appropriate photography accessories such as a tripod and good quality lighting equipment. The costs don’t end there, either. Professional photo editing software would also be a necessity and would come with a hefty price tag as would the time taken to set up each and every photo shoot. By outsourcing to a web photographer, you can wave goodbye to these initial set-up costs and instead tap into the world of “pay as you use” photography. 

Investing in a professional means that you can save money on essential equipment, and more importantly, you can be certain that your product images will be of excellent quality. At first glance, taking responsibility for your own web photography may seem like a great way to save money. In reality, it could prove costly if your customers are not satisfied with the quality of your product images. Outsourcing to a professional drastically improves the chances of your eCommerce business becoming a success, because customers who are happy with what they see are much more likely to buy.

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