Seeing is believing

People are generally judgmental, or will hold an opinion as to what they believe. This is very much the case when it comes to profile photographs and head shots. Not everyone has a model rated face, so it is necessary to make a positive impression that counts. The headshot is what is required for the following areas:

Call Centre’s and Online Business teams

The world today is experiencing the challenges of Covid, which has forced people to operate remotely from their homes. This has forced people to communicate online, through the likes of Zoom, where a visual presence is required. Most people would like to know who they are communicating with, whether it is through a live video stream, or just through a static profile visual. People are often searching for group heads and directors of industry such as legal firms, insurance companies or even gyms and personal trainers. It is for this reason, that it is very important that your headshot speaks out loud.

Curriculum vitae

The job market is competitive and abuzz with applicants, applying for job posts in every field globally. As we work remotely in most cases, personnel agencies will require a CV and a headshot, when assessing your application. Make sure that you look the part. Your skin tone needs to be correct, and the lighting and correcting set up to ensure a good result. In this instance, avoid the “selfie approach”, or having a friend snap away with their mobile device. DIY options such as these are easily identified, especially in an industry where employment consultants see head shots on a daily basis. Remember, what you put in, you get out. So, have a shave, or a haircut, and look well-presented and groomed for your photoshoot. In the end, the cost of a professional shoot is worth it, when applying for a job post.

Social Platforms

Social platforms and pages that you create generally provide a profile option, where people post an image of themselves. Depending on your personality and character, a professionally captured image is necessary. People often do cross checks across these platforms, to assess your credibility before making decisions. This again is where you may be judged, by your profile picture. Should you join up on a dating site, you will also need to look your personal best. This is where a professional headshot can make all the difference, while searching for a partner. A professional photographer will tell you, that lighting and composition are key to a satisfactory result.

Finding a Professional Head shot Photographer

There is an abundance of good photographers around, but remember, photographers will generally have a single genre that they are specialised in shooting. Make sure you choose the right photographer, the first time around. The type of photographer that is best for this kind of work, is a portrait photographer. A professional portrait photographer is one that that understands lighting and composition in order to bring out the best in their subject. This would be from aesthetics, to the mood that needs to be portrayed for the desired headshot.