Your product photography is hands-down one of the most important things for your ecommerce store. After all, visitors to your store can’t see, touch or smell your products, so it’s vital to help your potential customers visualize them.

We’ve shared our insight and experience by breaking down a recent e-commerce product photography shoot with Frankees Underwear below.

Range of male and female underwear

We utilised in-studio lighting on white infinity curve to display product item effectively on male and female models to provide a tangible impact on the garments.

A further focus was lighting and consistency, as well as ensuring products are all shot to scale to ensure presentation online indicates balanced array of sizes and styles accordingly. An essential step is to portray an even background grading which is easy on the eye.

Set up is key

Three pivotal facets comprising the setup:

  • Positioning and model pose for each image
  • Lighting to ensure even coverage of product
  • Colour test to ensure that the garments appear as on screen and match the actual product being captured

Editing and Post Production

A planned set up will result in minimal editing and save time, which will allow fast turn around to client with minimal effort.

Costings will be affordable and competitive if initial planning is considered, as clients cost per hour will be minimized considerably in both the actual shoot and the edit time required before handover.

Quoting Process

The quoting process plays a major role in landing the client and an integral part of the process.

One should strive to be competitive yet at the same time equally realistic.

Always opt out of being too cheap or expensive, however refrain from selling yourself short or you’ll find yourself on a path of simply working for no return subsequently, your end result suffers on the worth and the input dedicated to the shoot. Consequently, this will either make or break an ongoing client relationship.


When it comes to your product images, take the time to get them right, because great photos will make your ecommerce store look far more professional and you’ll also be able to use them across social media channels too to drive traffic to your store. Plus, once you get into a routine, you’ll be pumping out retail-ready product images in no time.
Master the art of taking perfect product shots and find out more on our professional product photography services today!