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DLPHOTO Studio is the perfect environment for almost any task, with over a decade of international industry experience behind the lens of David Lazarus. These are just a few of the services we offer, with quick and cost-effective solutions for every client brief – if you’re in Cape Town and need a professional photographer, contact us today.

A professional photographer’s click can capture all the emotions and moments that will later translate into memories. Combining the ideal, sought-after light, setting and mood, a professional photography service allows you to capture photos you can be truly be proud of. Whether it be an event, wedding, interior, product, boudoir, fashion or portrait shoot, professional photographers are equipped with the know-how to define your real-time moments into precious photos for both personal and business needs.

Backed by years of extensive industry experience in the domain of photography, DLPHOTO offers the very best in professional photography services in Cape Town.


A Boudoir Photographer provides a chance for a woman to appreciate how beautiful she really is, to celebrate her femininity and the uniqueness of each female form.

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You deserve the best for your special day. Combining elements of fashion photography, portraiture and reportage, wedding photographer David Lazarus of DLPHOTO Studio takes utmost care in finding your vision.

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Catering to both business and commercial or home and personal clients, with a range of packages at competitive prices, The Portrait Company delivers premium modern portraiture for influencers, businessmen, politicians, families, musicians, models and more.

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With international experience showcasing luxury homes, hotels, restaurants, and industrial and commercial spaces, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus ensures a high level of quality for real estate and publication.

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Family gatherings, corporate events and brand activations, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus is adept at capturing an experience to match your vision.

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With international experience in fashion and advertising for leading brands, David Lazarus is an ideal guide for aspiring models.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography workshop on lighting and flash techniques in a full studio setup.

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