Family gatherings, corporate events and brand activations, DLPHOTO Studio photographer David Lazarus is adept at capturing an experience to match your vision. All aspects of the function are recorded – from attendees to menus, food and decor, location and key moments.

Businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of holding special commercial events such as celebration parties for their sales distributors, award ceremonies, new product launch parties, special exhibitions, shows and conferences, motivational or educational seminars, and other promotional and marketing events. Holding and hosting this sort of an event is an enormous exercise in public relations and in the event that it’s conducted efficiently, it can garner fantastic word-of-mouth publicity for the business as well as get noticed by the local media and potential other news agents. This is why hiring a professional event photographer can play an integral part of any type of event. An event photographer is a professional in his field, who knows exactly how to capture the most prominent moments and the most important PR pictures of the day.

An additional benefit of professional corporate photography and event coverage is that the photos and videos can be further used as a part of a Press Release package, and syndicated to local area media organizations. When the presentation is polished, the likeliness of getting a positive response from the media will increase drastically. Allow us the opportunity to help you achieve your goal by providing the top event coverage services with experienced corporate photography in Cape Town.

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